Sustainable Alternatives to Traditional Housing

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The ecosystem is currently facing some challenges. With global warming at an all-time high, measures need to be taken to reduce the effect of man’s activities on the ecosystem. 

More so, with various alternatives to traditional housing seeming more eco-friendly, environmentalists are recommending a swift switch to these alternatives.

However, switching from the traditional housing systems requires moving to something more sustainable and also eco-friendly. Let’s take a look at some sustainable and eco-friendly housing systems.

Dome Homes

The dome house comes in varieties. There are geodesic, crossed-arch, onion, rotational, cloister vault, monolithic, and oval domes. However, only two types of dome homes are currently on the market, and they are monolithic dome homes and geodesic dome homes.

A geodesic dome has a spherical structure usually in the form of 5 platonic geometry. The numerous triangles form the sphere of a geodesic dome. This dome is easy and fast to construct, despite its complex geometrical structure. This house fits any spacing and just a few materials (eco-friendly) are needed.

As of today, individuals now desire to use geodesic dome structures. One of the reasons is because they are often cost-effective and energy-efficient. That’s not all, geodesic dome structures can withstand different storms, including hurricanes – they are better than traditional homes.

Most of the geodesic dome structures are not expensive to build. This is because only a few materials are needed for domes than what is required for a traditional home. Dome structures are also modular homes which makes them easy to install.

How long can most geodesic dome homes last? These homes can last for 500 years. The eco-friendly houses won’t rust, burn, or rot.

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Cordwood Homes

This is a simple sustainable house. Just as its name suggests, short segments of tree limbs and trunks were used for this structure. The materials are useful for housing rather than for just the fireplace. The pieces are held together by masonry or cobb. What makes the cordwood method of house building sustainable is because every wood and log can be used for it, even logs that won’t ordinarily be used for construction works. Installing the walls is easy and they look excellent.

Log Homes

Here is another great sustainable alternative to traditional housing. Sure, it’s made of wood, it’s still very eco-friendly. Talking about energy efficiency, log homes are a perfect match. For this method of housing, big logs won’t be run through the process of milling and treatment. According to a recent study, logs were observed to absorb heat in the daytime and they are warm at night – very perfect for the winter season.

The log housing comes in different structures and styles. A greener option for wood stains seals gaps between logs. This adds to its sustainability.

What’s more? These homes can also be built from old and dead trees, it’s not a must to use living trees. They can be customized to modern high-tech homes, furnished with all kinds of amenities.


These are some of the best sustainable alternatives to traditional housing you can also consider. The geodesic dome structures are less expensive and easiest to install. They can also last for a bunch of decades, if not centuries.