Striking, Inviting and Vibrant Interiors make for this Ethnic Indian Home in Vadodara | De’Caves by Chitte Architects

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A classical-contemporized modern-day ‘HAVELI’ is located in the suburbs of Vadodara city. The major concept revolved around designing the spaces as ‘present-day’ yet keeping the essence of the ‘traditional aesthetics’. Thus, it aimed to be a minimal, user-centric, and conventional Indian home design.

Striking, Inviting and Vibrant Interiors make for this Ethnic Indian Home in Vadodara | De’Caves by Chitte Architects

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At ‘HAVELI’, fabricating the ‘Theme Based Design’ proved to be a challenging task, but design concepts that incorporated ‘thematic & minimal’ yet impactful design elements helped to sail through this home design.

As soon as one enters the premises, a red-wooden crafted opening guides you to the foyer. Generally, Indian Havelis have long passages and thus here, the foyer has a ‘raw wooden’ arch-shaped framing with an illusion of a long passage.

The most prominently used space in any Indian household always holds a great weightage in designing. The double-height living room generates a vertical force. The sitting and other furniture attempt to display an imperial look, beautifully held by the backdrop of the exposed- brick wall which takes in a double-height arched window.

The temple which is ventilated from all three sides has an opening of a ‘bell-designed’ frosted glass with a treen framing. The modular kitchen has a very minimal color pallet of ‘warm grey’ shades with adequate capacity for storage to make it more feasible.

The grandparent’s bedroom at the ground floor level has an ‘old-accustomed’ theme-based interior. The ‘golden rimmed’ arch framed around a ‘pearl white’ panel and ‘semi-circular’ base bed are the supporting ingredients of the theme. The ‘old-rustic’ wall burnish and copper artifacts add value to the overall ambiance.

Accordingly, there is a homogeneity in the organization of the spaces and also the materials and color selection of the semi-private spaces. Each and every room of the ‘Haveli’ has been designed intricately, and its attention to detail makes one marvel at the craftsmanship.

The master bedroom at the first-floor level follows a tranquilizing mood board and substantially consists of ‘swarm-white’ and ‘beige shades’ with the use of minimal artifacts and yellow lighting. The natural wood and veneer overpower the entire space and all of it becomes plain sailing. The arched window is an add-on to the missing
the aesthetic value of the room.

On the opposite side of the master bedroom lies a children’s room with an elegant, prevailing and efficient design. Here, the emphasis has been given to the basic geometrical shapes such as circles and squares which have been in use since olden times. The false ceiling design is sleek, minimal and chequered. A palette consisting of ‘young colors’ such as sea blue and cool grey gives off the vibe of cool sea breeze and henceforth, the overall set-up is calming and salving.

A small family seating is designed beside the ‘double heighted’ space. The material palette has been kept subtle and major furniture of ‘natural wood finish’ and ‘velvet texture’, which all together symbolizes ‘unity and oneness’.

Fact File

Designed by: De’Caves by Chitte Architects

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Project Name: Haveli

Principal Architects: Parth Chitte, Devendra Chitte & Vishal Chitte

Team Design Credits: Mansi Gadkari, Rati Kanetkar, Abdeali Amreliwala, Rudra Patel, Rohit Mehta, Manushi Sheth, Sanyam Jain & Yukta Patel

Text Credits: Manushi Sheth

Photograph Courtesy: Pixellus Photography

Firm’s Website Link: De’Caves by Chitte Architects

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