• Spanish Designer Jordi Ribaudí has Created a Sculptural Chair

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    Babu is a nomad chair. You can fly on a rug with her or use it to sit in the sand. Its design is inspired by the great trips of the desert tribes. Big hikes where man feels close to the ground, rests on it and melts with the landscape. Babu is a place to relax and meditate; Babu is a rest and refuge.

    An object created from the soul by Jordi Ribaudí in Igualada (Barcelona). City with strong roots in the local leather industry and headquarters of its studio located in an old 19th century tannery factory. 
    His work is inspired by his passion for skin and the possibilities that this material offers to experiment with new uses and forms. Create a new language with unique and exciting tactile qualities.

    Babu is constructed from a single piece of leather of 6 mm thick, which folds on itself to form the backrest. A tiny brass foot set the shape, keeping the chair in a vertical position.

    The skin, of vegetable tanning and finished with wax, is available in four colors: natural, brown, hazelnut, and black.

    Photography by Jordi Balcells

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