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Smart office decor | Studio AAD

The smart office decor is usually known to represent the motives and productivity of a company. This office interior is the best example of a systematic space with a decent ambiance which speeds up the working capacity of the user. The interior decorator has treated the walls as if it is a large open canvas with huge possibilities. The office space crafted has taken a drastic adaptation with its much quirkier details implemented unusual from the ordinary ones.  The designer cabin is far better than the typical ones, as it appears classy as well as it is apt for the functionality. Creating a good office design for a small space while catering several perspectives according to the client requirements was the main objective of the designer.

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Trends in office design are persistently evolving. The fusion of contemporary and traditional looks enhances the space making it more inspiring and energized. The main cabin is designed for a civil engineer, who possess their own unconventional set up. A color combination of white in contrast with vibrant textures brings a lively spirit of the place.  This seems to be the needed trick to make the room look bigger creating the perception of depths.

The workstation seems to be a pretty cozy space with enough breathing area. It provides ample space for many client meetings, official discussions as well as turns into a relaxation point when needed. Standing high desk beside the lovely long ledge transforms the office into a highly serviceable junction. The scooped out ledge in wood has artistic ornamentations done through Moroccan tiles which appears to be so prepossessing running till the waiting. A warm strip light enlightens this area fetching many eyes. The L-shaped tabletop in white PVC facilitates all sorts of official work. Also, the small low-height cabinet mounted gives storage accessible to the user. The high back chair is placed for the executive whereas low back chairs for the visitors. The feature wall at the back is emphasized by picking actual terracotta tiles that keeps you raving over the realistic textured pattern achieved. It acts as a style statement in itself and makes a fascinating background that adds to the contemporary fashion and flair to a person’s attitude.

The glass system used for the entrance wall lends transparency with the anteroom required in an office environment. These were also advisable since using glass walls doesn’t restrict the limited floor space available. The glass sliding door solves a similar objective. Furniture seems to be a vital component for these simple-looking cabins in small business houses. So, this consideration lead to the use of elegant and comfortable chairs and sofas for the inviting lounge area as well. The waiting lounge supplies suitable sitting with its three-seater airport chair near the bulletin board.

An office is mainly a work-oriented place demanding a specialized lighting system. Therefore, the assemblage of proper lighting was the key feature that was taken care of while designing and is stress-free for the employee. The track lightings indirectly illuminate the room and define the same with the black frames. The alpha antique pendant lighting above the desk enriches the vernacular of the room.

This is a much desirable design for such small kinds of workspaces as it is very cost-efficient and enables the space to emerge out with a wider overview by using simple but dignified roles. The pleasant little office inspires us to acquire some classy adornment for interiors. Just like this office which is so small but still, there seems to have no clutters but a study space.


Architectural Firm: Studio AAD

Project Name: Civil Engineer’s Office

Project Location: Naldurg, Maharashtra

Project Size: 210 sq. ft.

Principal Architect: Ar. Amar Nagmode

Project Year: 2019

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