• Smart Home Security Guide from A to Z

    Today, the world has become a connected bubble, where an immeasurable amount of data gets generated and exchanged every minute. Technology has permeated every aspect of human life, from high-tech devices used in various industries to the automation of household devices – not to mention smartphones that are with us every second of the day.

    Today we will be sharing everything you need to know about smart home security systems.

    Importance of Home Security

    Undoubtedly access control and intruder alerts are the major advantages of a home security system. Robberies and unlawful intrusion can be prevented using advanced systems such as intruder detectors and alarm systems. Apart from that, a few other home security system devices that come to mind include environmental surveillance, video security, automation devices, and life safety systems.

    A professional security system is the best solution to help secure your house and its perimeter. A survey of convicted felons indicated that most would reconsider breaking into a home or private property if they noticed an active security system.

    How Do I Choose a Smart Home Security System?

    Now that you understand the importance of home security systems, the question stands: how do you choose one?

    Smart security systems can be installed using various wireless technologies. Still, when it comes to safeguarding your home and property, you should prioritize wireless tech that promises and guarantees the greatest levels of efficiency with flexible protection.

    Apart from that, you need to consider the area your house occupies, the total number of gateways, your internet speed and bandwidth, the devices you intend to control and manage your system with, how you want to manage your system, and lastly, the kind of security solutions you want to install in your home. All these make up important considerations when choosing a smart security system for your house.

    An important thing to note is that even though diy smart home security projects provide the same benefits as a professional service. However, the extra efforts aren’t worth a shot if it doesn’t provide effective protection. Plus, professional installation involves a lot of key considerations that DIY can’t even fathom. Professional, smart house security services offer proper device placement that guarantees complete protection.

    Protect Your Smart Home by Installing a VPN

    Did you know? Protecting your router is essential for protecting your home data from prying eyes and intrusion. You can install a router level vpn to ensure home protection and privacy. There are many vpn apps available. However, we suggest you carefully consider your options before finalizing your choice. It’s paramount to install a trustworthy router VPN for everyone with a smart home. You can set up vpn on the router by simply subscribing to a reliable VPN provider and downloading the VPN settings for your router. We recommend installing VeePN as a reliable VPN service provider that offers top-notch, military-grade protection to your smart home and every smart device within it.

    Smart Home Automation Essentials Needed to Enhance Security

    Sophisticated smart home systems improve overall privacy protection. For instance, smart lighting, surveillance, locks, thermostats, and more can be regulated and managed via Wi-Fi or Z Wave technology. One central point, such as your cell phone or laptop, is all that is needed to access these individual devices and link them to your security system.

    But that’s not all; we can go on forever about all kinds of home automation essentials and their respective features. Following are the top four automation devices we consider the most essential to protecting your home.

    1. High-tech door locks

    Your door can be remotely controlled via smart lock technology. Furthermore, it alerts you every time someone enters or exits your home in your absence. You may even give visitors distinct, short-term codes for secure, keyless entry to your home if you wish so.

    2. Smart thermostats

    Even if you don’t immediately identify this device as a protection measure, it fits perfectly in this perspective. In case of a fire, a monitored smoke detector can prevent the smoke from spreading throughout your house by sending an alert to your smart thermostat device instructing it to disconnect the air conditioning.

    3. Door controlling systems

    You can now remotely control and lock your doors left open in a rush via smart door controls. Forget your concerns about leaving the garage door open ever again. A smart garage door control system will alert you if you ever leave your garage doors unlocked.

    4. Lighting system

    Controlling your home’s lights via your security system is no longer a pipe dream. You can link your lighting with your security systems and remotely control them according to your wishes.  Your house will appear lived in even if you aren’t there, which will help deter burglars.


    There are more devices and systems than ever before for securing your home and keeping its perimeter safe. But, all homes are different, and so are their security considerations. We hope this article helped guide you in the right directions and narrow down considerations for your smart home protection systems.

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