Small Minecraft House Ideas: Plans For Your Next Home


With the advent of Minecraft, a new horizon has opened up to the creativity of gamers. You can build anything and everything in this sandbox game, among the most fun things to make our houses. Specifically, Small Minecraft houses have become the biggest and most popular craze in the community.

You, too, might be looking for the best ideas for a small minecraft house that suits your taste and looks great as well. In this article, we are going to share the best small Minecraft house ideas that you can try out and make the home of your dreams.

Even if you like old styled or small modern minecraft houses, we have got something for everyone. You are guaranteed to find the best design for a small minecraft house among the ones given below.

These are some of the best small Minecraft house ideas to try out:

  • Red Roof House with Small Garden

One of the most convenient and easy to build houses among the small Minecraft houses is the red roof house with a small garden. It does not cost much time or resources to create and is one of the most beautiful yet straightforward looking houses, ideal for beginners.

This is a popular design and can be improvised to your liking to make a place where you love to stay by adding some personal touches to its design.

  • Acacia Mountain House

Do you love Mountain biomes and want to build a house there? Then the Acacia Mountain houses are ideal for you! It can be constructed relatively quickly using the abundant resources of Acacia found in the mountain biomes and looks great and feels great to stay in.

This elegant looking house can be built rapidly and is one of the most convenient designs to create. Adding a few extra torches inside and outside to this small minecraft house can considerably enhance its beauty as well.

  • Simple Survival House

This simple to build survival house is a staple of every Minecraft player. This can be made with ease on any mountain or cliffside, using minimum resources. This trustworthy small minecraft house looks excellent and provides you with sufficient space for your endeavours.

This house is one of the most popular designs and is a must-try for every new player. You, too, can try out this house and can build it with a wide array of resources to match your tastes.

  • Mini House

One of the most basic and convenient small minecraft houses to build is the Mini house. It costs you primary resources like wood and stone and would not require any advanced items.

These are best for making on the go and can be expanded easily as you progress. This is one of the most versatile houses to build and is a favourite of many players.

You can customise this house according to your wishes and provide you lots of room to keep stuff, unlike other house designs.

  • Soft Pink Paint House

If you are searching for a house that looks pretty and is innovative and helps you express your creativity, then the soft pink paint house is the best option.

All you need is ice, stones and dye, and you’re set to build this. This is one of the most famous houses because of its attractive looks, which haven’t been seen before.

A favourite of girls and gamers, this small Minecraft house is the best choice if you want a pretty and elegant looking home.

  • Three-Story Wooden House

Though this house can take some time to build, the three-story wooden house is worth building. It can be made using primary resources. This three-storey modern looking house is one of the best house ideas you can try out.

It provides you with three stores of space to store whatever you want or even stay with your friends in the same house. It doesn’t take much surface area; this is an excellent choice as a small Minecraft house and is relatively easy to build and customise.

  • Cosy Farmhouse

You might love keeping your pets nearby, and to help you do that, the cosy farmhouse is the best small minecraft house design to try. It lets you make a comfortable house that has a space dedicated to your pets and enough room for you and your staff.

This great design helps you express your love for your animals and keep them safe from all the monsters outside. Whether it is a chicken, cow or a dog, you can accommodate everyone here.

  • Fantasy Cottage

Do you love fantasy houses? Small houses in the middle of the forest-covered and exuding a simple yet elegant vibe is the Fantasy Cottage house idea.

This is one of the most accessible house ideas because all you need is a few blocks of wood and stone, the remaining elements you can add once you progress further.

This is a highly customisable house and is perfect for fantasy lovers. If you want a small minecraft house in the middle of the forest, this should be a must-try because of the convenience and looks of this house design.

  • Modern Luxury House

To meet your needs for a modern house in Minecraft, this house design is by far the best small modern house minecraft you can find. Not only is it easy to build, but it looks fabulous.

It expresses your current taste and is highly customizable with lots of modern features, and is a perfect small Minecraft house that you can try if you love modern dwellings.

These are the best small Minecraft house ideas you can try if you are planning for a new home. If you would like to get more ideas like this then I would recommend you to check out Architechturesstyle.