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    As architects, we are often given pockets of land to be used for construction of the client’s living spaces aligning with their present lifestyles. Lael Residence however, tactfully captures the strength of the given plot, the Context and Composition. A site so contextually impactful allows for a contemporary landscapes which runs parallel with composing gathering areas facing North. Meticulous planning such as this not only simply aligns with the clients’ present lifestyles, rather design better living experiences with a better foresight of its psychological footprint. Not to forget, alongside the context is the meticulous composition aiding in daily living spaces, fostering growth and well-being from personal to collective for the family. ~Yamini Vaswani (Editor)

    Slow & Easy Living with Contemporary Landscapes & Traditional Living Spaces | Barefoot Architects

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    Text description provided by the architects. Located amidst the government institutions in the busy region of Mannarkad town, one thing that the client predominantly demanded was a comfortable dwelling away from the bustling city. Since the site perimeter included the ancestral home on an elevated level in the front yard making the site horizontally away from the road and also as the site was almost 3m below the main road level, it helped to create a buffer from the chaos of the city. 

    Lael House / Barefoot Architects - Exterior Photography, Facade, Windows, Garden

    The mezzanine effortlessly blends the first floor with the central core, thereby involuntarily turning all the common areas into a single entity. The private core of the built space lies linearly via the southern side where the thick canopy of trees helps to buffer the heat from the southern sun and also filter the south-west winds into the intermediate double-height courtyard between the bedrooms. The roof design was strictly done following the tropical climatic conditions by providing maximum overhang on the slopes. The single massive sloping roof in the facade acts as a major design driving factor of the built form. 

    Lael House / Barefoot Architects - Exterior Photography, Garden

    The interior material and color palettes were selected taking care of the natural and tropical theme of the residence. Wooden joineries, seamless white walls, and concrete textured ceilings, natural Kota stone flooring; altogether, constituted a pleasant composition of materials. Lael (belonging to God ) residence depicts a perfect example of how architecture can bring out spatial excellence even in a site with minimal scope and potential.  

    Lael House / Barefoot Architects - Interior Photography, Table, Stairs
    Lael House / Barefoot Architects - Exterior Photography

    The initial concept of Lael emerged from the site conditions. As it was a barren land with minimal vistas, our main motto was to integrate landscape within the built closure in a way to enhance the liveability of the spaces and provide a tropical setting inside and outside the dwelling. This amalgamation thus helped in further zoning out the volume of spaces as public, intimate, and service areas with an invisible thread of connectivity.

    Lael House / Barefoot Architects - Interior Photography, Table, Chair
    Lael House / Barefoot Architects - Interior Photography

    The limelight of the architectural composition is the multiple gathering spaces scattered across the center of the plan. These spaces were designed with respect to the clients’ lifestyle, where they preferred maximum hangout spaces to spend with friends and family.

    Lael House / Barefoot Architects - Interior Photography, Stairs, Handrail, Windows

    We created multilevel gathering spaces in which the central double-height is the heart of the built environment. It acts as the main source of lighting and ventilation for the rest of the spaces. This northern facing common area brings in filtered northern light and wind to the living space via the double-wall masonry having intermediate jallis.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Barefoot Architects

    Project Size: 4306 Sq.ft

    Year Built: 2022

    Location: Mannarkkad, Kerela

    Principal Architects: Basil Kalladi, Nithin Raj

    Team Design Credits: Athira Balasubramannian, Farheen Haris, Khadeeja Henna, Naurin Offoor, Adarsh K P, Rashid Nalakath

    Photograph Courtesy: Justin Sebastian

    Consultants of the project

    Civil Contractor / Structure: Glenearth construction LLP

    Landscape Contractor: Agrofarm

    Carpenter: Babu

    Painting: Ramu

    MEP & HVAC: Green spark Infra Consultants Pvt Ltd

    Source: ArchDaily

    Products & materials: Faber, Hafele, Hettich, Kohler, Saint-Gobain, Asian Paints, Jaguar, Voltas

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Barefoot Architects

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