Sliding Vs Double-Hung Windows: Which Type to Choose for Your Windows Replacement

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Choosing Between Sliding and Double-Hung Windows Replacement

Choosing windows replacement units for your home can be challenging because of the many types of windows available in the market today. However, the type of window you buy depends on your taste and preference and how you want your house to look.

Some of the common choices most homeowners seem to gravitate towards are sliding and double-hung windows. You can get these two in the same window materials, but the window designs are different and have different features. To answer the question ‘what to choose between sliding and double-hung windows replacement in Toronto, let’s take a look at their differences.

  1. Difference Between the Two Window Types
  2. Sliding Windows

A sliding window opens by sliding the sashes to the left or right. These windows replacement units offer good ventilation and lighting to the house because both sashes can slide to open. The sashes are divided by a vertical line that allows the homeowner to have unobstructed views. You can get sliding windows in window materials like wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. You can also get it in double or triple glass panes to maximize energy efficiency.

The windows are easy to open because of the fully integrated lift rails. There is a unique type of sliding window, which has three sashes. The two on the sides can slide to open while the middle one is fixed, to give outside views and for lighting. The middle sash is used as a picture window.

  1. Double-Hung Windows

Two operable sashes characterize a double-hung window. You slide the top sash downwards to open, and the bottom one slides upwards. These replacement windows are a good choice for ventilation, as warm contaminated air leaves the house through the top and cold and fresh air enters the house through the bottom window.

Both sashes are tilt-able, making cleaning easy. You can buy double-hung windows in different window materials like wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. The custom-tuned balance systems allow for the smooth movement of sashes and easy operation of the window. Keep the bottom sash closed for pets and children not to jump outside.

  1. What Influences the Placement Of Each Window Style?
  2. Sliding Window

You open a sliding window by pushing the sashes to the right or left, so the window’s height does not matter a lot, but the width. The window tends to be broader and not taller. Most homeowners install them to provide full ventilation and because they have a full glass.

You will not find the windows replacement units used as floor-to-ceiling windows because most of them are installed in hard-to-reach parts of the house and near the ceiling. Some of those parts are above the kitchen sink and behind a garden.

If you desire picture windows in your living area, you can also use sliding windows because of their unobstructed view. However, these come with an added advantage to the picture window; ventilation.

  1. Double-Hung Windows

Unlike the sliding replacement windows, which are keener on the window’s width, these need your window’s height to be bigger than the width. Since the window sash does not crack open but slides upwards or downwards to open, double-hung windows are a good choice for houses where the outside space is limited.

They will also fit well in a home near walkways because you won’t worry about causing accidents to people passing by. These windows are easy to clean, allowing you to place them in any part of the house. They are the best option especially if you have pets and small children as you can open the upper sash for ventilation and leave the lower sashes closed to avoid accidents especially when you are not around.

  1. Choose A Vinyl Replacement Window

After deciding on the style of replacement window to choose, go with vinyl for the material. Vinyl is an affordable window material with many benefits like ease of maintenance and energy efficiency. Your window will rarely catch dirt, and when it does, you clean it with a damp cloth.

Although vinyl windows replacement units cannot be repainted, you can customize the color of your choice. This allows you to match your windows with the rest of your home and the furniture too. You can also choose a glass type depending on your preferences.