5 Things to do just before you put your house up for sale

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Looking to sell my house fast Mesa? Then you are up for some tasks before the whole process ends. First, you will need to look for a reliable and reputable real estate agent to help you with the process. This in itself is quite a task. You are also required to do some tasks before you put the house up for sale.

You also want to ensure that the house is in the best condition. You want to be able to take amazing pictures for your listings online. Moreover, you also want to impress your buyers during viewing. Here is all you need to do before you sell your house;


The first thing you want to do is declutter. This means removing all clutter, throwing them out, and replacing them with more valuable and useful items. Any excess furniture, curtains, non-functioning appliances, and items that are not usable should not be lying around in the house.

If the house has tons of clutter, it may impose a wrong impression on the buyer, which wouldn’t do any good as far as selling the house. You also want to make room for staging the house in case need be. This is important to showcase the potential the house has and that whoever moves in can pretty much do whatever they want in terms of décor.

Replace and Repair

The second important thing you must do is to repair and replace. If you have been living in that house for a long time and you have been using all the appliances, furniture, rooms, and pretty much everything inside, chances are, they are old and/ or worn out.

You don’t want your buyers to see this when they come for viewing and show. Replacing or repairing any broken furniture or appliances also adds value to your house, enabling you to sell for a little more. It is also to attract your buyers; they are more likely to choose a house with appliances and furniture in good condition than otherwise.

Make Updates

You also want to make updates on the house and modernize it a little bit. First, research the market, then see what buyers are looking for, and make some updates and some changes accordingly. You don’t need to fully renovate the house, although this will add more value to the house.

But you definitely don’t want to sell the house with the same old, outdated radiators. You can change the cabinets and shelves in the kitchen and bathroom too. Or do something as simple as repainting to colors that are more neutral, fresh, and welcoming.


This means removing anything that marks the house your territory. When we move into a house, it is natural for us to add things that are more personal to us. This could be pictures, a theme’s color in the bedrooms, kitchen, or living area, some political or religious items, and so much more.

In the long run, before we realize it, the house is pretty much filled with our own personalities, beliefs, and art works on the walls and appliances like refrigerators. Your client is not interested to see the art work your kid did and stick on the fridge. Remove all of these things and allow the house to be free and ready for change.

Make it Sparkle and Spice things Up

If you want your house to sell easier and faster, don’t just leave it as the old, weary house you have lived in for a couple decades. Make it sparkle. Clean from corner to corner and spice things up. This could mean changing some things, replacing, or even repairing.

Make sure that when your next buyer comes to view, they don’t just find it clean and in good condition. They find it excellent and admirable too, hard to resist.