Six easy steps in cleaning your shed

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Sheds have a way of becoming cluttered and rather dirty over time. As a result, spring cleaning your shed can quickly become overwhelming.

1. Remove everything

If you have owned your shed for some time and have a lot of items, the first step in getting your shed clean is to remove everything and free up some room to clean. It is impossible to correctly clean any area when there are items blocking the floor and wall areas. As you remove items from your shed, you should place them into three groups. There should be a keep pile, donate pile, and a pile for trash. Additionally, if you have a lot of items, you can consider setting aside everything you will not be used during the spring and summer months and perhaps put them in a self-storage unit.

Once you have organized your items, you should wipe or hose everything you have decided to keep. Even if you purchased from Sheds For Sale, you still need to make sure you maintain it properly.. Make sure that you get all of the cobwebs, dirt, and grime off your stuff. Doing so ensures you do not inadvertently bring grime back into your shed.


2. Cobwebs

Cobwebs can form anywhere there is a wall or ceiling. However, they also tend to form in corners and above doors. Because cobwebs will form pretty much anywhere in your shed, it is important to check every nook and cranny, including any shelving, to ensure you have removed every last one. You can use a microfiber cloth, a duster, or even a damp paper towel to remove them along with any dust and loose dirt.

3. Sweep floor

Now that everything is out of your shed, you can focus on cleaning the floor. A lot of debris, dirt, and leaves can collect on the floor of your shed and will need to be swept out. You can use a spray bottle filled with water to hold down the dust as you sweep. First, you can simply spray a light mist of water on the floor and begin sweeping. You should make sure to not spray too much as this will make the dirt turn into mud which is, as you know, difficult to sweep. Additionally, it is important to be thorough when cleaning the floor. For instance, in addition to sweeping, you should also lookout for any dents, loose floorboards, or anything else that needs to be repaired. The best steel sheds will not dent–especially if you buy one from a retailer that is Queensland Based. That said, you should look for anything that needs to be fixed and attend to it before you place anything back into your shed.

4. Clean spills

Another important aspect of cleaning your shed includes cleaning up any spills that may have occurred throughout the year. It is super easy to ignore a spill that is not likely to harm the flooring. However, now is the time to clean it as there is nothing obstructing your ability to get at the spill. You can clean up spills with a bucket of warm water, some dish detergent, and a rag. If the spill is stubborn, you can use a brush to scrub off any remaining dirt or debris.

5. Hose

If it has been several years since you have cleaned your shed, you may be faced with a rather dirty job. Years of spills, dirt, and cobwebs may require more than a simple cleaning. In this case, you can use your hose to get in the dirt. You should make sure to use a nozzle that has several spray levels to choose from as different areas of your shed may require more or less water pressure to get them clean. After spraying down your shed, you can use a broom or a floor squeegee to remove any excess water. Be sure to let your shed fully dry before placing your items back into the shed.

6. Clean windows

If your shed has windows, it is important to ensure they, too, are clean. You will need a window cleaner and a rag that will not leave lint or streaks behind. If you do not have a lint-free rag, you can use a newspaper. A newspaper is less expensive then rags, and a newspaper page does not streak. Additionally, once the paper becomes too wet, you can simply get a fresh page and continue cleaning. In addition to cleaning the windows, you should wipe down all of the sills as window sills are notorious for collecting dirt and dead bugs. If you have shades, be sure to wipe them down to remove any cobwebs, dirt, or debris. If curtains frame the windows, you should toss them into the washing machine for a good cleaning.

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