Simple ways to keep your apartment pest free

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Simple ways to keep your apartment pest free

Apartments are a boon for people as we can access our work and play without having to live too far. Apartments are usually affordable and if it is in a good location then restaurants, shops, and grocery stores are all nearby. The multifamily structure of apartment buildings means that you share a lot of things with your neighbors like noise, walls and even the scent of the neighbor’s dinner. With all these sharing pests are another thing that you also share with the neighbors.

Apartments are tough structures to maintain when it comes to pest control. Due to the close proximity of the apartments, it becomes difficult to pinpoint the source of the pests. Cockroaches, flies, wasps, bed bugs and some other pests are commonly found in apartments. Here, we have some simple tips and methods describing some of the best roach killers for apartments. These methods will get rid of all kinds of pests from roaches to flies.

Recheck second-hand furniture.
Before you buy any secondhand furniture, check as well as recheck them as old furniture tend to carry with them bed bugs, eggs of roaches and even beetles. Furniture brings in a lot of pests. And old furniture is a major source of pests.


Check packages carefully.
Delivery packages are another major source of pests. Many different bugs tend to hide inside the cardboard boxes and these boxes make a long journey and are also kept in untidy warehouses for long periods of time. So before bringing these boxes indoors recheck them as they have a great potential in starting an infestation in your apartment. Moreover, cockroaches tend to love grocery delivery boxes.

Return from travel with caution.
Travelers often unknowingly bring back a lot of bed bugs with them, which are usually found in hotels and other various modes of transportation. Movie theatres, retail stores, and some clothing outlets also possess a good amount of pests. And thus it is easy to bring back unwanted pests to your home. Before returning home, inspect and vacuum the suitcases before you store them for the next trip.

General measure for pest proofing.
You can practice the following steps on a regular basis to make sure you have a pest-free apartment.

• Use sealed receptacles to dispose of garbage regularly.
• Vacuum the apartment at least once every week.
• Clean the kitchen counters and wipe off and residue and crumbs from the countertops.
• Regularly clean the pet bowls and wipe any spilled food or water from the bowls.
• Store food items in the refrigerator or in airtight containers.
• Check the sinks and repair any leaky pipes if any.
• Check and fill the holes and cracks in between the cabinets if any.

Whenever you see pest in your apartment or in any common area, report the issue so that these things are taken care of by professional pest control.

Making the apartment isn’t a very difficult task and it is not easy either. One needs to be actively engaged in the maintenance and take necessary measure to counter pest issues. After all, a clean pest free home not only is appreciated by many but also brings you a healthier living environment that is safe for your children as well. Healthy living start from a healthy home, hope our tips help you in maintaining a pest-free healthy home.


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