Simple And Timeless Home Decorating Ideas

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What makes home decor “classic”? If you have picked up any home interior design recently, you’ll likely view pictures of breathtaking layout, lovely sundries, and an overall beautiful, refreshing presentation. If your home seems outdated and tired, it can be difficult to imagine that these decorating ideas can be done with some simple updates and attention to placement, light and color to create a look that is truly flawless.

Most of us just don’t have the budget to redecorate with the latest and greatest every few years; we need looks that are classy, timeless, and inspiring. How can we achieve that look without a total construction overhaul? Read on to discover some very simple things you can do to dress up your home and achieve that look that you have been dreaming of:

Create a design that has staying power
Timeless design was not created to be contemporary; embracing the newest fad in home decor is not the way to achieve that classic look. If you want your interior design to have some staying power, you’ll need to seek out designs, colors, and patterns that are considered classic. Look for ideas that embrace traditional rather than contemporary, and put together furnishings and colors that will stand the test of time.

Create classic style with classic lines and pieces
Classic styles tend to draw from Greek architecture by using clean lines, columns, and architectural moldings. All of these elements work together to form a look that is timeless and appealing, no matter what the season. The structure of your home and its design elements must compliment each other to create a finished look that communicates elegance and class. Use of natural resources such as stone, brick, linen and cotton will help to create the elegance of a home that does not need constant updating.

Stay neutral
The foundation of timeless decor is a focus on neutral pieces, shades, and furnishings. Adding a splash of color here and there to create an overall look will draw the idea and give the impression of a clean and organized living space. Stay neutral in your choice of wall and floor coverings, furniture, and lighting, and express your personality through your accents.

Use a pop of color to brighten a room
Adding elements of color throughout your space will personalize it and create a warm and comfortable feel. The use of a well-place photo blanket will add depth and meaning to your space; loved ones will feel important and cherished knowing that their memory is incapsulated throughout your home.

Make your design functional
Timeless design is functional and sensible. It is neither over the top nor boring, and it communicates a quiet confidence in the style taste of the owner. Choose furniture that is not too puffy or too streamlined, and place in ways that make your space beautiful and functional. Steer clear of overly decorated patterns, and minimize objects in your rooms so that your environment does not appear too cluttered. Your space should give off a feeling of calm, inviting comfort to all who enter, and it should be the type of environment that you look forward to coming home to each evening.

Blend the old and the new
Creating timelessness often involves blending old and new for a classic look. Treasured family heirlooms mixed in with contemporary sleek designs will communicate your allegiance to family treasures and your ability to keep up with the times. Cover an antique family wingback with a new and interesting fabric, or consider painting a new piece of artwork to hang in a favorite spot. Choosing each element with care will be evidence to all that you have invested time in creating the perfect home environment.

Choose your furniture pieces carefully
Timelessness and trendiness do not often mix; if you are attempting to create a look that will stand the test of time, much thought should be put into choosing your furniture pieces. Durable sofas in classic fabrics are central to a comfortable living room; choose these elements with the thought of keeping them for years and years. Floor rugs should be beautiful and durable simultaneously; pieces should come together to create a complete look and create a definable feeling. Give some thought to the creation of your beautiful home; you are creating a haven for yourself and those you love.

Change accent pieces, throws, and pillows to mix it up
As fall arrives, out come the cool fall colors of throws, pillows, and decor unique to that season. Christmas is a wonderful time of year to express yourself with garnishing and accent pieces to create a beautiful and festive home. With spring should come the arrival and feeling of freshness in all of your decor. Keep pieces specific to your treasured times of the year, and change out your decor to keep things feeling fresh and special in your living space.

You are creating your life in your home, and you deserve the best! Do not settle for what you don’t love, and take care when creating your environment; it can affect your relationships, your mood, and even your health. Channel your inner design expert and start designing the home of your dreams!

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  • Thank you so much for your tips on how to arrange furniture in an inviting and functional way. With how often I’ll be staying at home when I find a home I want to buy, I figured that getting an interior that makes us feel welcome is definitely a priority. I’ll keep your furniture tips in mind so I can already plan out what to use when I find a new home I want to buy.

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