Simple And Sumptuous House | GALI Associates

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Simple And Sumptuous House | GALI Associates

S-House is located in one of the popular streets of the town with typical Indian neighborhoods characterized by busy streets and proximity to other residences. The residence was conceptualized as an amalgamation of the serenity of the site and the client’s requirement of a simple and sumptuous house.  The façade of the house was inspired by Various Sections of the metal profiles Composed together to show the slices of the visible form. Creating a strong exterior volume makes a bold statement, Allowing the residence to stand out among the neighboring forms.

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The residence is planned on two levels: The ground floor and the first floor. The ground floor was planned with all the basic spaces of any house like the entrance foyer, living, dining, kitchen, service rooms, and one Bedroom. but composed in a way to interact with each other. Highlighting the introverted form.

The first floor is composed with two bedrooms, common family space overlooking the living space with double height, and a media room with the extended guest bedroom which occupies the front part of the planning grid with a visible deck(verandah) that is highlighted on façade as one of the profile sections.

The second floor is half-built with a playroom and open terrace landscaped with yellow bamboo bushes along the edge of the parapet to create privacy and also to show the green layer on the façade. The Finishing materials that have been used for this house are minimal and elegant looking. The flooring is mostly kept in beige color to focus the look on the furniture and the wall details that have been finished with panels and textures with wood linings. Lighting has played a major role in this house during the day by having enough cutouts & cross ventilation on the thick walls. Parallel in the nights the lighting positions and types have become back support to showcase the design elements and to create warmness inside the house.

Especially on the façade lighting has played a major role to impress the viewers by providing direct and indirect lighting effects. Some of the interior details like the wood cladding in the ceiling, Marble center tables, Metal details on walls have given the natural and earthy look to the spaces. The staircase covered with vertical metal Louvers provides indirect contact with the common spaces like the living and the family spaces. The huge TV wall in the living area with even finish on it gives a solid look with natural lighting slit around it.  Concrete finishes have been used on floors and walls to achieve a seamless finish on the surfaces with Matt finish mostly to absorb the lighting and their reflections.


  • Architects: GALI Associates
  • Area: 5600 ft²
  • Year: 2020
  • Location: Chittoor, India
  • Architect In Charge: Sandeep Gali
  • Design Team: Anudeep Gali, Hinduja Datta
  • Clients: Mr. Swaroop
  • Engineering: SKB Consultants
  • Collaborators: Anudeep Gali
  • Interior Carpentry: Ajith Singh Contractors
  • Photographs: Link Studio
  • Source: Archdaily

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