A Residence Design With Thoughtful Spatial Organization | DA VANG Studio

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A Residence Design With Thoughtful Spatial Organization | DA VANG Studio

The house is located in Soc Trang city, which belongs to a small province in the Southwest of Vietnam. The client requests to build a comfy house at which his family can enjoy a resort lifestyle.

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Long and narrow size (6×45 meters) and long and dark hall are the biggest problems of this construction. Therefore, those are things needed to be tackled first.


There are three skylights inside the house to improve indoor air circulation, increase the amount of natural light and natural wind. These are essential elements to harmonize the emotions of people living there.

The house is divided into multiples blocks with different heights to avoid repetition in a very long space.

Being inspired by the image of a long diary with a series of life events and emotions, the architects have built this house as a reflection of a person’s life story.

Each corner contains a theme that initiates a unique feeling. Human feelings never end. They only transfer from one to another. So does the interior design of this house.

When walking through each corner of the house, a person is able to experience different feelings and never knows when these feelings will end.


Designed by: DA VANG Studio

Project: The Diary House

Project Type: Residential

Year of Completion: 2020

Area: 270 sq.mt.

Location: Sóc Trăng, Vietnam

Lead Architect: Nguyễn Đắc Anh Quân

Interior Designer: Nguyễn Vũ Ý Nhi

Photography: Minq Bui

Source: ArchDaily

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