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    Situated in the bustling spaces of East Bangalore, we planned the salon design for TONI&GUY in Bangalore, an iconic UK based salon which provides a sensory experience for salon care. Studio Sorted worked on the Varthur franchise, building their beauty boutique from scratch. The ample space gave us enough freedom to experiment spatial design elements that helped in creating a premium salon experience.

    Salon Design For TONI&GUY In Bangalore | Studio Sorted

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    The ambience of TONI & GUY were derived from colour schemes of the logo, black and white. These classic timeless colours were juxtaposed with the fluidity of the curves and semi circles, giving the space an exquisite touch.

    We used metal roofing sheets to clad the curvature of the plywood walls. The idea of using the metal sheets as material for the wall helped create a seamless ridged effect while complementing the striped horizontal blinds that shines an ethereal effect during the daytime.

    The reception of the Salon is the first space for customer engagement, curated for a welcoming interaction. Bringing a grand aura to the boutique through a semicircular lounge greets the customers with flair. The lounge and receptions act as a teaser to the exquisite pampering experience that awaits them.

    We approached the project brief wanting to build a glamorous, premium hair salon that follows the Black and White Toni & Guy aesthetics with a copious dose of intimacy and warm hospitality. These simple additions to the boutique aids the relaxing experience for the customers while they enjoy the pampering they deserve.

    The plan concentrated on integrating a fluid, soft spatial design within the rigidity of the black and white colour scheme. In the interior sections of the style studio, the curves led to new spaces that required privacy for the customers in the salon-such as the hair wash areas, pedicure areas and the private salon room.

    The fluidity of the black and white establishes an easier movement for the colours without diminution of the salon.

    Placing the playful colours with the timelessness of black and white, we created a colour bar which displays TONI & GUY’s famed hair colour supplies and sponsored brands. This unit was designed in the fluid form language with white shelves wedged between the black curves, producing a customised storage unit in coherence with the other curved structure.

    Toni&Guy’s spa rooms were designed in minimalism, keeping in mind the calming nature of the room. These rooms held simple grey flooring with white walls and warm lighting which has a relaxing effect to the room.

    While we wanted customers to have a sensory experience after their blissful spa session, we made the walls of the washroom with chequered tiles continue the trance feeling after a spa session.

    TONI&GUY hair experts are truly a master of their crafts. The cutting station is where the Friseur showcases their expertise.

    We concentrated on lighting the twelve cutting stations with spherical moon lights to bring in ample lighting, allowing hairstylists to work their tools.

    The mirrors for the cutting station were customised in accordance with the circles and semicircles of the salon keeping the fluidity in place. The simple glazed white flooring brings a utilitarian function that not only exudes elegance but cleanliness and hygiene.

    Throughout the project, we aligned the continuity and fluidity of spaces of beauty to the designing of the salon. Our vision fits well with the ambience created from the spatial elements that we provided to the TONI&GUY franchise.

    The space transformed into an ethereal beauty salon that invites customers to have a luxurious day, bringing joy in every curve of the TONI&GUY  salon.


    Designed by :
    Studio Sorted

    Project Type : Commercial Building

    Project Name : TONI & GUY Franchise salon

    Location : Varthur, Bangalore

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of the project : May 2022-Oct 2022

    Project Size : 2500 sq.ft

    Principal Architect : Netra Ajjampur & Abhishek Durani

    Team Design Credits : Rahul Chandrashekar

    Photograph Courtesy : Anurag Baruah

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Lighting – Pasolite & Others / Sanitaryware – Jaguar.

    Firm’s Website Link : Studio Sorted

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Studio Sorted

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