Rustic Workspace with Organic Palette with Gritty Textures and Organic Elements | Foresight Associates

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Indeed, a captivating first impression of a property is created by its site office. In this project for a theme of rustic workspace, it is also created by a landscape that succumbs to an elegant form with sloping roofs and a composure of exposed materials. Isha developer’s site office in Vadodara is nothing but a riveting design with functional conceptualization. Completely based on exposed brick and exposed concrete motifs, this site office has an extravagant exterior amidst the wholesome greens and is expected to serve its purpose for the next years. The name behind the 1500 sq. ft. design is a Vadodara-based design firm namely Foresight Associates.

Rustic Workspace with Organic Palette with Gritty Textures and Organic Elements | Foresight Associates

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The client brief insisted on an airy, breezy and, captivating design that could be devoted to the site for at least 15 years. It had to be fully ventilated with a view across the site. Moreover, a response to the front road was a mandate. Another tweak that this building had to address was the incorporation of a courtyard-styled arena and hence, the design articulations and the proposal by the design firm.

The raw materials used are bare and exposed to exemplify the idea of basic construction materials. They are also significant of the built form that is adorned by sloping roofs. An exposed concrete opening creates a welcoming gesture. The element is a stand-alone that perceptually fuses with the wide granite steps and exposed brick wall creating a definite approach; lingual of its elemental qualities. Transparent glass is laid in between the exposed concrete and the brick wall securing the space while maintaining a visual gap between the two elements.

With Kota stone-laden flooring and see-through spaces, the courtyard tends to expand beyond its physical boundaries. A small planter at the center works in grasping and centralizing the spaces from all around. To engrave a sense of an enclosure into this central space, a cast iron jali is made to cover the courtyard. It works in casting beautiful and patterned shadows on the walls and floor as the sun angles take their turns. A dash of handicrafts is added to the reception desk on the right. Wooden carved frames with a white antique polish are composed for the elevation of the desk that stands against the brick wall enhancing the aesthetics of the space. Other elements like planters and wooden benches interestingly add to the elemental qualities here.

The main cabin is lavish and appealing with its deep wood polish and enchanting chandeliers. The freshness of the rustic workspace is a derivative of the profuse openings and glass partitions that greet the daylight and its forms. The openings give a view of the site, landscaping, and the greens all over. To cater to a full view of the site the slit window jambs are jutted out at an angle of 45 degrees each. The rear wall behind the desk is finished in bison panels to add to the extravagance of the space. Cement sheet roofing adds to the space concept further. The electric services are left exposed articulating the brick walls on inside.

The secondary cabins and the meeting room follows a similar concept with free-standing furnishings and exposed services. The chosen furniture pieces are such that they go along with the minimal quality of the built space and the rawness of the structure. To break off from the monotony of the grid design the Kota stones are laid diagonally to also alter the directionality of the spaces. No two spaces share a common wall to allocate each one of them with enough openings and appropriate site visual comfort. Also, the outdoor plantation pockets are placed in a way that the views are laden with soothing greens.

Truly, a site office with a captivating first impression, a built form with a westernized hut style, the exposed materials significant of their elemental qualities, and a place responsive to its surroundings. This project breaks the norms of those typical site offices that are made to serve a temporary purpose.

Fact File

Designed By: Foresight Associates

Typology: Office Architecture and Design

Project Name: Isha Developers Office

Project Size: 1500 sq.ft.

Project Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Year Built: 2022

Principal Designers: Shivali Agrawal, Kunal Patel, Azaz Saleh

Photograph Courtesy: Sagar Bhavsar

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Firm’s Instagram Link: Foresight Associates

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