• Revamping Your Home During the Pandemic? 3 Design Trends That You Must Consider

    How has the pandemic changed your life? While there’s no easy way to answer this question, there’s a common thread that unites people across the globe during these trying times.

    Like it or not, we’ve all been spending more time at home. And that’s changing the general perception of homes. What used to be a crashing pad after a long day at work is turning into a wholesome space for work, wellness, and entertainment.

    That, in turn, has led to the emergence of a plethora of new home design trends. If you’ve been contemplating redesigning your living space or shifting to a home, you must stay on top of these new trends.

    In this blog, we’ll explore a few key home design trends that have grabbed the spotlight during the pandemic. We’ll also discuss how you can incorporate these trends into your living space. Let’s get started.

    How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Shaping Modern Homes

    It’s worth noting here that the connection between pandemics and new home design trends isn’t a new phenomenon. Historically, infectious disease outbreaks have influenced several aspects of our living spaces. 

    For instance, the powder room became popular during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. It was conceptualized out of the need to let guests clean up and wash their hands without traipsing all the way through your living space.

    Similarly, the use of white tiles in washrooms and kitchens gained prominence because they were easier to clean. Also, it was easier to spot any dirt, dust, or stains on these tiles. That’s the reason white subway tiles replaced heavy drapes and carpets after a cholera outbreak in the past.

    So, how is the COVID-19 pandemic influencing new trends in home architecture and design? Let’s find out.

    1. Growing Interest Seeking Help from Professionals

    Gone are the days when a home used to be just a place for catching a good night’s sleep before heading back to the office the next day. As the novel coronavirus has forced people to retreat indoors, homes have donned several hats, including the workplace, gym, entertainment center, party venue, and much more.

    That’s the reason today’s homeowners are keener on hiring professional architects and interior designers to shape their homes. These professionals know the right techniques to maximize space utilization without making your home feel congested and suffocating.

    They’re also trained to identify the right building materials and decor elements that ensure hygiene and safety. They can even create fluid home layouts that adapt to your evolving needs. You can click here to read more about the wide range of services offered by experienced architectural designers.

    2. Death of the Open Floor Plan

    There was a time when the open floor plan was all the rage among homeowners and designers alike. It created an illusion of larger living spaces and provided a place for family members to gather around and relax.

    But when your home needs to serve as your office, your kids’ play area, your spouse’s recording studio, and more, an open layout isn’t the most ideal. The last thing you want is to reveal your overloaded kitchen sink on a Zoom call with your coworkers.

    Similarly, you wouldn’t want your kids to walk into your spouse’s home office while they’re racing to finish a project before a deadline.

    These changing needs have compelled homeowners to opt for more traditional layouts that have individual rooms with dedicated doors and windows. If you’re planning to give your home a makeover, it’s a good idea to work with your architect on a traditional floor plan.

    Make sure you have designated spaces that can be used by different family members for work and leisure. For instance, you wouldn’t want to combine your kids’ virtual classroom with their play area. Instead, it’s a good idea to separate the two spaces using fixed or adjustable walls.

    3. Hallways Become More Important Than Ever

    The entrance to your home is no longer just a decorative space to showcase family photographs and other prized home decor items. Instead, hallways are becoming integral to the idea of maximizing hygiene and safety in your living space.

    That means using the entryway as a space where guests can take off their shoes, hats, jackets, and other accessories. Also, there should be a provision for guests to wash or sanitize their hands and feet before venturing into your home. As the pandemic lingers, hallways will continue to find new roles in the modern household.

    Preparing Your Home for the New Normal

    Whether you own a city apartment or a countryside villa, your home isn’t going to be the same even after the pandemic is over. With many companies contemplating permanent work-from-home policies, the need of the hour is to create a multi-functional living space.

    Even after the pandemic is over, many of us might continue to use our homes in diverse avatars, from gyms and movie theaters to wellness centers and in-house studios. If you’re considering remodeling your home, it’s a good idea to consult professional architectural designers to create a pandemic-friendly home.

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