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Residence with Luxurious Interiors Defining New Lifestyle | Innerspace

A dream house generally pictures all the family members enjoying, relaxing and spending time together in a beautiful environment. This residence was inspired by such a derivation with luxurious interiors defining a new lifestyle. The bungalow is located Near Ajmer, Rajasthan and is a magnificent showcase for elegance.

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The house was designed to cater the needs of two different families living together while maintaining the individual needs of the two brothers on the single plot. It thoroughly impresses everybody by its incorporation of contemporary style into the entire design and exclusive design permutation. The motive of serving the dwellers with brilliantly functional spaces and creating opportunities to interact with one another was primarily taken care of.

Elevations play a key role while designing such structures. So, The Architect assured that the elevation makes a statement for the bungalow. One easily spots this point where opulence meets voguish architecture while strolling. The Architect has used marble, exposed concrete, wooden textures, sandstone, etc which complement each other for the external pallet of the house. Sandstone and marble have accentuated the compound wall. The external lightings too emphasize the home’s unique massing system.

On the ground floor, the two bungalows are divided by a huge car porch giving the residence its grandeur. The houses are developed in two levels and it consists of informal living areas, four bedrooms, a clubhouse and a media room along with the private terrace gardens. Whereas, on the first floor a clubhouse establishes a connection between the two houses.

The living area allures the guests with the fashionable interior décor. The big maroon sofas bring out a contrast with the overall subtle hues of browns and whites used. The furniture placements allow the users to perform several activities comfily as well as relax in the calm atmosphere. The use of minimum wood for the false ceiling makes the area feel big and light at the same time. The manifestation of patterns highlights the wall and inaugurates a relation with the overall lingo of the residence.

The circular dining table visually enhances the energy and gives a space-efficient solution by giving flexibility in the number of sittings. The entire set up looks very glamorous and royal. Even though the bungalow has a lot of space, the Architect has not cluttered the space. On the other hand, the deliberate effort has been made to optimize the space availability. To exemplify, the glass storage racks in the dining.

The family area defines a new association space for the members in the house. The stunning furniture in the shades of royal blue and grey blends tremendously with the hues of browns and whites. The height achieved through the double elevation makes the space very monumental. The pretty decorative elements in every corner go well with the chic adornment. The faint lightings used here make you feel very warm and cozy.

The kitchen interior differs from a regular one. A ting of gold leaflets sparkles on the wall and follows the dignified vernaculars of the house with the use of backlit onyx.

The gracious bedroom maintains the warmth and feeling of the house. A few personal touches offer a comfortable space for users. The Italian marble gives a rich appearance to the house floor and the bathroom floor too. Some amazing looks have been created on the walls through the panels with painted MDF shapes.

The kid’s bedroom hits various striking color combinations and attractive shapes. The Balinese themed guest bedroom on the first floor has a rustic yet cozy interior emotion. The house also has four terrace gardens which provide a common avenue for family interactions.


Firm: Innerspace

Principal Architect: Ar. Ajay Sharma

Area: 10,000 SQ.FT

Location : Beawer, Rajasthan

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