Five advantages of pest inspection

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If you are buying a home, a pest inspection is critical as it is the only way to determine if such pests as termites exist. Of course, a termite inspection is required by lenders, but a general pest inspection can also uncover ants in the home as well as borers or other dangers to trees. Additionally, a pest inspection can provide current homeowner information on what type of underlying conditions may be currently or preparing to threaten a home.

1. Proactive

If you own a home or rental unit, you know how costly repairs can be. However, the extent of these repairs can increase dramatically if problems are not dealt with. Additionally, the cost of these repairs can be limited if the problem is ascertained and immediately resolved. A pest inspection allows you to be proactive and deal with such pests as carpenter ants before they pulverize the wood studs. In instances where ants eat into the wood, you often have to replace an entire wall because there will be traces of infestation throughout all nearby studs. If this infestation reaches the upper levels of your home, costs can increase.

2. Investment


If you are purchasing a home, your building inspector will provide a detailed report on the current condition of the studs, attic joists, and floor joists if he or she can access them. This helps certify the condition of the home and allows you to qualify for various types of home loans. However, as a means of providing information about the types of problems a property might be experiencing, an inspection can help protect against loss of value in that a pest inspection will reveal threats against trees and even the lawn. For instance, moles can be destructive pests, creating raised rivulets of soil across the property.

These moles can impact plants and trees. Additionally, only an inspector will be able to identify signs of problems in the yard that might eventually move to the house and impact the value contained in the home. For instance, termites in a home are only the perimeter of the larger problem because termite nests are typically far underground. An inspector can identify signs in the yard and point out decomposing or eaten debris that can signal a termite infestation.

3. Detects larger problems

Pests are not limited to insects. A pest inspection will be able to reveal any droppings or other problems in your attic stemming from larger animals, such as squirrels, bats, or raccoons. In terms of bats or raccoons, for instance, the inspection is a way to take action and protect you and your loved ones from species known to carry rabies.

Additionally, a pest inspection will be able to provide easy solutions to problems. For instance, if you have more problems, a good way to get rid of this pest is to simply spread grub control around the property. Grub poison kills grubs, which are the primary food source for moles. If you remove the food source, the moles relocate in search of larger food supply.

4. Scheduling

One of the best things about a pest inspection is that following the discovery of a problem, you are then able to schedule repeated inspections to remain on top of the problem, ensuring it never worsens. Additionally, when you attempt to sell your home, you can show these inspection records to prospective buyers, providing them and lenders peace of mind as to the quality of the home under consideration.

Finally, by pre-scheduling follow-up visits, you can adopt a hands-off approach to managing your property, knowing an inspector will identify any new problem and notify you of the recommended solutions.

5. Health

A pest inspection is one of the most effective ways to ensure a property constitutes a healthy living environment for tenants or future residents. For instance, squirrel nests and droppings can be infested with fleas, which can transmit disease. Additionally, a pest inspection will usually uncover the means by which a pest gained access. For instance, in terms of squirrels that will have gotten into your home via a hole or through a vent, the inspection will be able to identify if rainwater has also drizzled down into your home and caused water damage. If you have water damage, you might have mildew or mold problems, which can be a health concern. However, without the pest inspection, this problem might have gone undetected.

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  • It was really helpful when you stated that professional pest control can help you get inspections and prevent larger problems. I’d hate to enter the spring season and have to face a large infestation that could make all of our cleaning a lot harder. I’ll go and look for a pest control expert that can assist us with this so we can make sure no big problems get in the way.

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