Reflecting Modernist Techniques with a hint of Contemporary | Darshan Chheda Atelier

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As you enter, a Modernist artwork representing the idea of Atthangika-Magga or the noble eightfold paths welcomes you, setting the tone for the entire house.

Reflecting Modernist Techniques with a hint of Contemporary | Darshan Chheda Atelier

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An ideated storage requirement is beautifully articulated using triangular flutes and a feather soft mauve toned panel towards the left restoring the harmony of the foyer.

This seamless panel consists of a push open kitchen door and concealed small shoe rack and the main electrical distribution board. The main door handles break a stereotype – vertical chaff wooden posts embossing the grainy natural veins that arise.

Dining Area

The earthy tones and natural finishes such as open grained walnut veneer, classic tan leather and white marble top humble the dining area. The leather satchel illudes the backrest as a free hung entity making the design look soft.

Guest Bedroom

A gold leafing texture behind the bed, wardrobes are super matt mauve contrasting brushed gold and key dressing mirror so as to visually enlarge a compact room.

Master Bedroom

We have a glass bead embellished wall cladding composing the bed. Our color scheme of super matt mauve compliment with chrome glare wardrobe that looks seamless. A strategically placed dressing table doubles the wardrobe and essentially makes the compact high rise room look larger.

Son’s Room

Earthy textural play using veneers and white faux jute cladding behind the bed.

Fact File

Designed by: Darshan Chheda Atelier

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Principal Designer: Rashi Chheda

Project Area: 1300 Sq.ft

Photo Credits: Kuber Shah

Products & Materials: Light fixture: Phillips | Upholstery: Jaquar, GM | Tapestry: D décor | Furnishing: D décor, Pure concept home | Artefacts and Accessories: Tresorie, Hermosa Casa, The address | Sofa: Stanley | Dining bench and bed: Chesterfield

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