• Polish designer Agata Nowak created the Offline Chair.

    Polish designer Agata Nowak created the Offline Chair.

    Designer: Agata Nowak

    As scary as it sounds, research shows that an average person unlocks their phone almost 110 times a day, and the really addicted ones almost 900 times! What does this mean? It entails constant exposure to the internet and social media, and to the harmful radiations emitting from your phone. A lifestyle that circles around tech so persistently is not very healthy for us in the long term. Hence, Polish designer Agata Nowak created the Offline Chair.

    Equipped with long side panels, a high back, and soft noise-insulating fabric, it’s the perfect spot to find some privacy! Its cocoon-like structure and the optional roof that you can attach or detach according to your convenience make it even more of a safe haven! However, what really allows you to cut off from the world is the chair’s special “Offline Pocket”.  Simply slip your phone into the pocket, and it instantly blocks off Wifi and mobile signals. As long as your phone is enclosed in the pocket, you won’t be hearing it ring or beep anytime soon.

    Cut off from the digital world, you might actually get a chance to do some of the things you’ve always been planning to do. Maybe indulge in a power nap, read a good book, complete your work without getting distracted by your circle of friends’ group chat or even simply relax in peace. The Offline Chair provides you with an intimate little spot, allowing you to have some solace from the world, whenever you need it. Whether at home or at your workspace, this is one chair that will find high utility anywhere!

    Designer: Agata Nowak

    Source: Yanko Designs 

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