Planning Your Kitchen Paradise

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Indians can be proud of their reputation for spending the most time in the kitchen compared with other countries’ home cooks. For many Indian families, the kitchen is the heart of the home, the place from which loved ones and guests are fed and entertained. But what if yours isn’t quite the workspace of your dreams? With careful planning, budgeting and a little inspiration, you can create a kitchen paradise to be proud of.  Embracing the design trend of biophilia – literally, ‘a love of living things’ – is an ideal starting point. Not only will it transform the way you feel, cook, eat and entertain, but it’s also a great way to add value to your home if you should wish to sell in future.

Stir up your design dreams

Studies have shown the health benefits which biophilic design provides.  From homes and workplaces to hospitals and schools, finding ways to bring nature indoors has proved calming, uplifting and inspiring. Effective biophilic design will aim to maximise natural light, use natural textures and materials, and celebrate greenery. It’s a good idea to create a moodboard with the colors, textures and prints which appeal to you, and share it with a kitchen designer so they can understand and support your vision.

Weigh up your finances

In order to set your budget, you should begin by looking at your existing space. What works well and what needs improving? In a recent biophilic design study conducted in 16 countries, including India, 44% of respondents craved natural light.  In order to maximize yours, do you need to knock down walls, put in a skylight or simply rearrange what you have?  While your priority is creating the ideal kitchen for you, don’t forget that at some future point you may wish to sell.  It’s worth bearing this in mind when you are considering your budget and finance options; a beautifully designed, practical kitchen can add real value to your home and should be a cost you can recover at a later stage. As a general rule, plan your budget with a 10% contingency for unexpected extras, and be prepared to invest in your worktops and cabinets, as these are the hardest working parts of your kitchen.

Add a little spice

Finally, add a few touches that make your kitchen feel like you. If you’re always a little chilly in the morning, why not include underfloor heating? If you’re a coffee lover, a good coffee machine is a must. Perhaps you’d love to be part of India’s smart home tech boom; in which case, you could add smart lighting, thermostat or speakers, which you can control from your phone while you’re cooking.

Your kitchen is far from being a place to just cook; it’s the place where conversations happen, friends and family are nourished and memories are made. So make that space inspirational by embracing the power of nature. Set your budget carefully, then work with a designer to bring your dreams to life, ultimately making it a reflection of your personality. Cook up a kitchen paradise to be proud of.

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