Architecture and Design of The Sports Complex

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One of the components of the success of the sports complex of any level-competently carried out work on the design of architecture, engineering systems and interior planning. If the owners paid little attention to the creation of the gym project, there is a high risk that after the launch it will suffer losses. Such bad decisions, like a little entrance, a bad configuration, and incorrect size of the locker rooms, not enough showers and other planning details can have a negative impact on customer loyalty.

How to Design Sports Complex?

Before starting work, it is important to make a portrait of the target audience, as the layout of the object should be adapted to the requirements of potential visitors to the club. It is necessary to determine who will be the main client, whether there is a children’s area, what additional services will interest customers and more.

You should also consider:

  • Whether planning solutions are created for the finished premises or for the object under construction.
  • What will be the ratio of the main (income-generating) and auxiliary area.
  • Do you need a wet area (pool).
  • What areas will be emphasized: yoga, martial arts, etc. It is from them will depend on the design project of the sports complex.

Note! The interior of the halls (gym, for group classes), as a rule, reflects the corporate style.


What Does The Design Studio Guarantee You?

When the design and development of the sports complex will be completed, the customer will receive a package of documents on the basis of which will be carried out construction and finishing works, equipment and arrangement:

  • Conceptual designs of architectural and planning solutions. Their implementation guarantees the comfort of visitors. Projects exclude the presence of “bottlenecks”, the intersection of dirty and clean customer flows, the accumulation of people in different areas, etc.
  • Description of the club’s zoning, containing information on the number, configuration and area of premises (information is given in the form of a table with a descriptive part).
  • Documents with the calculation of the capacity of different zones and the object as a whole.
  • Draft design with indication of engineering systems: ventilation, water supply, air conditioning, etc.
  • Recommendations on the selection of construction and finishing materials for the project.


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