Planning permission and Permitted development rights in The UK – Revealed

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What is Planning Permission?

To build a certain segment of building you need to take permission from the local council of the planning department. It is called planning permission. They may refuse or grant to build the part of the building as per your requirements. It is based upon certain conditions. And authorities are given by parliament to local planning authorities to take the call on building works. Thus for queries or conditions, you have to contact your local planning authorities prior to build any part or portion. One must seek planning permission to build any building before work begins though it is your call to seek permission or not based on knowledge and requirements.

Permitted Development Rights

Not all works require permission from the planning authority. There are certain works which could be done without the permission of local planning authorities. These are particularly known as “permitted development”.


This general planning permission is granted by parliament and not the local authority of planning permission. This does not apply to all the common projects, it may be applied to many of the buildings such as houses but is not avail for flats, apartments (maisonettes) or other such buildings. Permitted development rights are different for commercial properties than that of residential buildings. Permitted development rights are more restricted for certain areas of the country which are “designated area”. Like if you are living in:

  • An area with extraordinary natural beauty
  • National park
  • World Heritage site
  • Conservation area
  • Suffolk or Norfolk Broads

Even for certain types of work which may not require planning permission in other parts of countries, may require if you are living any of the above areas. If your building is listed a property or building even then there are different requirements and set of conditions planning permission.

In order to begin any construction or building work, one must take prior permission from local planning authority in order to discuss the work in advance and take general advice from planning portals. Also, they will inform about why or why not the development is permitted. And you should apply for part or full building permission to planning authorities.

Ref. Article: When is House planning permission required?


Withdrawn Permitted Development Rights

With the issue of ‘Article 4′ direction, there are certain permitted development rights removed by the local planning authority. Thus, you have to submit a planning application for building works which was not required normally. This article for directions is applied when building or work can threaten the character of places with acknowledged importance. It happens mostly in conservation areas. Mostly you will have an idea of such direction’s property but you should always check if not sure from local planning authorities.


Please note:

Panning permission for each type of building is different. Such as shops, professional and financial services premise or agricultural buildings cannot change the use of space. Neither they can use permitted development right of householders to improve, extend or alter in building work of the home. In all such cases, one must take planning permission for the local planning authority.

General Permitted Development or The town and Country Planning Order is principle order for this type of works. There is an order set of classification of development for Planning permission to be granted automatically when an exemption from permitted development rights has no restrictive conditions attached to it.


An explanatory memorandum is available for detail purpose of legislative background or policy context of the order.



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