Organised Spaces Have been Catapulted In The Not So Tiny House Apartment With Clean Interior Sense | Roaish Architecture + Design

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Organised Spaces Have been Catapulted In The Not So Tiny House Apartment With Clean Interior Sense | Roaish Architecture + Design

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Waiting area :
We designed a fence which was inspired by the Chettinad fences but a modern interpretation of it is what was executed. A refurbished shoe rack in a walnut brown polish. 

Living :   
The living/ Dining is a square layout – which is rarely the case considering its a 2BHK Apt. It naturally became the Hero of the project. We wanted a feature wall to bring about a cozy feel and that was definitely a white brick wall exposed, we identified the feature wall that had very minimal openings and electrical points. It is exactly opposite to the floor to ceiling window that filters light and washes the feature wall with the perfect amount of sunlight. The furniture that were selected was of a neutral color palette, we brought about patterns and textures in the throw pillows. 

Dining :
The refurbished dining table was our starting point, beyond which came the design of the windsor chair with a twist of pop color. 4 chairs were made to order specifically for this project from our sister factory in the outskirts of chennai. There was a debate about what to place on the wall above the dining set. When in doubt choose a curve. We went with a frameless circular mirror that reflects the living showing it to be a bigger space. 

Kitchen :
The starting point was when we broke down the kitchen wall to make it an open kitchen, we wanted a breakfast counter to be the bridge between the dining and the kitchen. In terms of functionality as well as aesthetic. We framed the breakfast counter in a C shape as it acted like a portal into the Kitchen, this again we used a walnut brown shade to bring about the language in the house. We put a relief in the upper cabinets of the kitchen to store glassware, otherwise it would look too heavy and monolithic. The grey backsplash tile, tied the kitchen together and it was mimicking the concurrent white brick wall in the living. We were able to achieve layers of the pattern in different tones. The Utility was hidden away with a roller blind, and would be seen only if necessary. Since we styled the entire apartment, we were to make sure they eradicated all plastic, we selected glass, bamboo, copper bottles for the clients to store their
necessary things. 

Master Bedroom :
The Dual color tone was something the client was convinced of the minute we suggested it. A quirky approach to the design aesthetic of the bedroom, with brushed brass accents brought about the holistic vision. Nothing can go wrong when it comes to peach, brass and half white as the color aesthetic. The bathroom door was changed to the sliding mechanism to enhance mobility, and painted upon the same dual tones of the wall to make it look seamless. 

Boy’s Bedroom : 
In the Boy’s Bedroom, they wanted a study cum bay window seating alongside the wardrobe. To plan three functions on one wall was a tricky situation, as we had to understand ergonomically how much area each function would require. A grey blue laminate was the majority color of the room, with brushed nickel as metal accents gave it a contemporary touch. We wanted the L shaped Bookshelf to give a suspended feel, looking light on the eyes. As it occupied a corner we didn’t want it to look monolithic. The Study chair is an interesting element, it was designed built with pine wood to slide into the study slab smoothly. We went for the grey upholstery for the chair to dictate the color palette of the room. An 8′ mirror was placed right opposite to the study to make the space appear bigger.

What is your favourite element of design in the project?
My favourite element is definitely the exposed white brick wall in the living space, from the plain wall it was to transition into an element that has so much character with a subtle undertone was just a beautiful process. 

What do you think is the USP of this project?
I personally think that the clients weren’t aware of the possibilities of design in just a 1000 sqft apartment with a strict budget. They were in awe of the process, and they absolutely love the finished space. I think the USP would be making a 1000sqft home look much bigger keeping in mind all the prerequisites and aesthetics. I like to tag this project  A 1000 sq ft of happiness!

Anything else you would like to tell us about the project?
This being my first project, I would like to say that design is not just on paper, it’s a lifestyle and here at Roaish that’s what we aim to create a better lifestyle for our clientele.


Designed by : Roaish Architecture + Design

Project Type : Apartment Interiors

Project Name : The Not So Tiny House

Location : RA Puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 5 Months

Project Size : sq feet : 1000sqft

Project Cost Appx : 15 Lacs

Principal Architect : Ar. Aishwarya Krish

Team Design Credits : Ayoob, Rahul, David, Sruthi

Photograph Courtesy : Yash R Jain

Products and Materials : Wallcovering / Cladding – Exposed brick wall – Roaish execution team | Lighting – The Purple Turtles | Furniture – Pepperfry Studio, The Red Oak | Flooring – Vaighai Sanitation | Kitchen – Roaish Execution Team | Paint – Asian Paints

Consultants for the Project : Interior Styling – Roaish Styling Team

Firm’s Instagram Link : Roaish Architecture

Email Id : [email protected]

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