5 Best Kitchen Window Treatments Ideas

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Nowadays in the understanding of many people, window shutters and wood blinds UK are considered an accessory from the distant past, which could often be found in rural areas. Recently, however, this element is gradually regaining its undeservedly lost popularity, and new technological and design solutions are actively promoting this. Next, let’s look at several window treatments ideas.

Window shutters

Wooden shutters are installed on windows mainly as an element of decor. The most popular species used for the manufacture of budget models are pine, larch, spruce. Thanks to their respectable appearance, Window shutters in Romford are an ideal option not only for large window openings but also for small ones.


  • The simple design allows you to do all the assembly and installation work yourself at home.
  • Material availability.
  • Wood is a natural, environmentally friendly material.

Wooden blinds

Despite the high cost, such systems look very stylish and rich. All products are made from environmentally friendly wood species. You can order both vertical and horizontal options.



  • Original appearance. Due to their structure, such systems look very stylish and rich, they can give any room a special atmosphere.
  • Long service life. Due to natural materials, wooden blinds do not fade or warp.
  • Versatility. A wide range of colors will help you choose the most suitable model for any interior.
  • Reliable protection. Such systems perfectly protect from the scorching sun rays in summer, and in the winter keeping the warmth indoors.

In addition, there are several control mechanisms – manual and electric.

Tulle threads

Tulle threads are a non-standard, lightweight solution. They are suitable for a spacious kitchen decorated in a romantic style. Due to their unusual texture, such curtains are less easily soiled: it is difficult for stains to stay on the scattered threads. In addition, muslin does not need to be ironed, and it can be easily combined with other materials.

Kisei design options:

  • Gradient – choose several shades of threads so that together they create an ombre effect.
  • Two-tone – sometimes only two shades are enough superimposed on each other to create an interesting effect.
  • Decorative – if space and space allow, you can decorate your window with decorative threads with beads.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are considered the most elegant window design option. Indeed, this type is most often found in homes with a laconic and sophisticated design.

Plain canvases or fabric with a small pattern are either fixed to the frame or mounted on the wall or in the window opening. In this case, you can adjust the illumination of the room in two ways:

  1. Setting the curtain at a certain level, for example, in the middle of the window.
  2. Initially choosing fabrics of different densities.

When buying, pay attention to the composition and do not forget that roller blinds cannot be washed or dry-cleaned. They can only be cleaned using dry methods: with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes roller blinds can be cleaned with a damp cloth or wipes.

Electronic curtains

Electronic curtains are the most advanced curtain replacement option. There are no slats or textiles, just a small built-in mechanism, and a control panel.

These components turn ordinary glass into frosted glass in one second. It is enough just to touch the “fog” symbol and the windows will become opaque. Touch the sun symbol and the windows will return to their original appearance.