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Located in the posh locality of Safdarjung Enclave in South Delhi, Mr. Yadav’s residence definitely confirms to the saying that “Beauty lies in simplicity”. Built on a plot of 200 sqyd, their residence spans over 4 floors and a terrace garden. The residence has been planned in such a way that the floors are divided on the basis of the type of user.

The ground floor is built as a stilt and is used for parking their cars. All the utility works like washing clothes, servant quarters and servant washroom are restricted to this floor.

Our clients, Mr. and Mrs. Yadav, have a very active social life. Thus their house is frequented by many visitors. Keeping this in mind, we planned to dedicate the first floor of their residence completely to public activities. It contains a formal drawing room, a dining room and two guest bedrooms. The guests and relatives are usually entertained by the family on this floor, thus limiting their movement to their private space.

The second and third floor are dedicated specifically for the members of the family. It is their private zone and no one else other than the family members use these floors. The second and third floors are connected through an internal staircase making it a duplex space. On the lower level is a huge family living room. Their kitchen and dining area is also located on this floor. The interiors of the residence are kept very modern and minimalistic.


The master bedroom is also located on the lower level of the duplex. The upper floor has two bedrooms belonging to their children. Each bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe which then opens into the washroom. Mr. Yadav wanted to keep the overall tone of the interiors of their house to be very simple yet sophisticated.

The fourth floor is yet again a private space for the family. This floor contains a home theatre room and a gym room. Above this floor is the terrace which has a beautiful terrace garden. The terrace was to be designed in a way that not only can the family privately enjoy time with each other but could also be used to host parties by the Yadavs.


Thus even on a modest plot size, Mr. and Mrs. Yadav have all their needs and requirements fulfilled. Be it the servant room or the master bedroom, home theatre or the gym, they have all their needs addressed to in their simple yet luxurious home!




Established in 1991 at South Delhi, the motto that Aashray Design Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (ADCPL) has tirelessly been working uponfor the past 27 years is to change the outlook of people towardsarchitecture. Working on projects in various disciplines of architecture, be it commercial, industrial, residential or interiors, ADCPL has numerous projects running all across the country. As a multi-disciplinary firm, ADCPL recently added another feather in its cap by being awarded the prestigious award of “Best Architectural Design firm in Delhi”- awarded by MAMR!

At ADCPL, we believe in giving the best of everything to our clients.The differentiating factor in ADCPL’s projects is that they are designed with a strong design concept and are more than just an iconic design. Let’s have a look at some of the recently completed residential projects by ADCPL.



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