• Moneypenny – The Best Office in the Land

    In an attempt to accommodate the rapid expansion of Moneypenny, in 2003 the company-owners decided to purchase an office building rather than rent one so that they could reduce the business’s expenses and pay into an asset. Renting would have actually been more expensive on a monthly basis. From an entrepreneur or investor point of view, this was also a good decision, as paying into and eventually owning the building would be considered a wise investment, whereas renting is classed as a monthly loss or a financial liability.

    After another period of rapid growth and more success (and growth) forecast, the staff who had already spread themselves across four more office buildings, were again set to relocate. The owners looked to purchase, but this time also build a new office that would not only accommodate their growth but also be custom made for the answering service’s needs. The end-product also proved to be a beacon of the company’s success, that is admired across the local area and beyond!

    Taking 12 months to construct, the building was designed with help from the Moneypenny staff themselves. Consultantws on what they would want in an office building, they stated features including – ventilation, space, their own designated home/space,

    Pushing the boundaries of how offices work, the building features an amazing array of bespoke designs, including custom-signage, a huge atrium area with eye-catching sheep models, three stories and even a treehouse meeting room perched above the main reception area. 

    The company’s owners started with a quote for a standard ‘red brick box’ office and then asked the team of architects to use the budget, but create something special and more fitting to the pioneering Moneypenny organisation. Surprisingly, the building’s total costs were under budget, with the owners managing the project closely with each team of construction professionals.

    The Moneypenny office was designed by AEW Architects. It covers an area of 91,000ft² it was officially opened by the Prince of Wales in 2017.

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