Modern Duplex Apartment Adorned By Bold Colours | Epsilon

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Modern Duplex Apartment Adorned By Bold Colours | Epsilon

Perched atop on the 5th and 6th floors of a luxurious residential complex, the duplex apartment site sits in a mixed-use neighborhood in the heart of Kolkata. Characterized by large window openings and decent floor to ceiling heights, the premise spanned horizontally on the east-west direction but open towards the north and south. Intended for a joint family of two brothers, their families, and parents, the brief included an entertainment room, a home office, service areas, other than the prerequisites of bedrooms, closets, separate living areas, and an elaborate kitchen.

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The design vocabulary decided upon, called for a modern look but adorned by bold colours in the form of finishes, accessories, and other embellishments.The resulting interior, is welcoming, luminous,- taking advantage of the diffused light permeating through the large openings, and cozy, yet spacious. Thus, the entrance on the lower level opens into a modest-sized lobby, stylishly decorated with a designer console and crystal chandelier, moves onto a large double-height space characterized by the uniquely designed stair.

This double-height area, somewhat, forms the core of the house, connecting different areas and activities. The formal living area sits on the lower level, below the double-height, opposite the stair and mandir. The intricately designed stair with a portable ethanol fireplace below it forms the main feature of this elegant double height.

The formal living complete with its black leather sofa ensemble has an aquarium designed into the wood panel backdrop. This panel along with the aquarium also forms the separation between the entertainment room and the living space.  Looking southwards, an elegant dining space has been designed adjacent to the main kitchen. Taking advantage of an existing slit cut out above the dining area, an arrangement inspired by a koi pond embellishes the wall extending into the upper level.

A passage separating the living and dining areas continues inward into the bedroom areas and an entertainment room, separated with glass sliding and folding doors. The bedrooms have been designed as large spaces opening out into elaborate washrooms and closets separated with sliding doors that conceal themselves into the surrounding panels whenever necessary, accentuating space.

The steel stair enveloped in wood and marble, flanked by a large floor to ceiling fabric glass wall, meanders upwards into another living area. This living area emphasizes an informal seating arrangement, making way for large sociable gatherings. The balcony adjacent to this space, only adds onto the ambiance, creating warmth and sophistication. The space plan of the upper floor replicates the lower with similar arrangements of bedrooms.

The in-between spaces, in both the floors, have been given special attention, and have many important activities infused into them. Thus, the passages on both levels, which are more of a gallery than a corridor, have spaces such as a pantry carved out on one side, in addition to sleek niches housing sculptures and decorations.

The overall highlight of the design is the proportion, with volumes and masses, colliding and fusing into one another, creating interesting usable spaces. To infuse the opulence and glamour into the design, as required by the clients, bold use of different materials with accessories, fabric, and other embellishments form the overriding characteristic. Thus, the beige floor continues seamlessly throughout the entire house, contrasted by the dark veneer and coloured marble and tiles on the walls.

The white sheer fabric on all window openings brings about the necessary softness along with the pristine white walls and ceilings. The different planes of the ceiling, conceal and camouflage services and beams, highlighting and making way for the necessary luminaries. Predominantly, the design fuses functionality, elegance, and grandeur into this family home meant to serve different age groups belonging to three generations.


Firm Name : Epsilonarch

Project Type: Luxury Duplex Apartment

Location : Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Built Up Area: 7100 sq ft

Principal Designer Name: Bipratip Dhar

Year of completion : 2019

Design Team: Bipratip Dhar, Biprajit Poddar, Jilmil Rajkhowa Bose, Ankita Mantri, Prachi Agarwal, Niharika Tekriwal.

Photo Credit : Ravi Kanade


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