Light And Shadows: A Metalled, Clutter-Free And Open Office Space | Lokirev Designs

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Light And Shadows: A Metalled, Clutter-Free And Open Office Space | Lokirev Designs

Client Brief:

The brief required a temporary office space to be executed within a limited budget and time frame of 2 months with minimal intervention of site, as the site is used as a stockyard for machinery.

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Design approach:

To occupy the minimum footprint of the plot, the office building was planned in two levels and is positioned in such a way so that the remaining site can effectively be used for stocking of agricultural machinery.

With a limited timeline for execution and also considering the budget & the structure to be a temporary one, metal was preferred as a construction material for its multitudinous usage. The metal was used for structural framework, roof, walls, staircase, pergola, railings, and even furniture which were entirely fabricated on-site giving it an industrial look. The focus of the design was to give an open & clutter-free zone to create space with clean lines.

Space planning: 

The 1100sftspace in 2 levels was designed to become an office with an employee strength of 7 people consisting of work stations, accounts, and anti-room for meetings on the ground floor. There are two cabins for MD and COO with a small waiting lounge on the first floor. The MS box section was used for structural members. A chequered sheet was used for the roof that was welded to the structural framework.

A corrugated sheet which is generally used as a fencing material for its strength and rustproof properties is used here for the walls. To provide thermal insulation, two layers of corrugated sheets filled in-between with 4” thermocol is used for the internal and external surface of the structure. This entire process was executed and built on site.

Two levels are connected with an artistic approach by fabricating the leftover material of the chequered sheet that was used for the roof to design the staircase. 8mm chequered sheet is sandwiched and made into a staircase thread and is painted in a maroon against the grey backdrop. MS wires painted in yellow were welded to the threads to make the staircase railing.

MS flat is used for veranda railing which not only gives free-flowing unobstructed views to the outside but also makes the building feel light. The external pergola is planned in such a way that is not only aesthetically appealing but also is structural support to the building.

Use of expansive glass windows not only admits ample natural light and ventilation into the building but also helps to oversee the work of constant loading & unloading of the stock. View of sky from glazed clearstory on all sides creates an apparent sense of large spatial scale and volumes. The clear glass partitions make the space feel as an open floor plan whilst demarcating the zones.

We cannot underestimate the power of greenery; a small pocket garden was squeezed in between the existing container and the present office which acts as a break free zone for the employees. The green pocket garden can be over looked from MD’s cabin and the whole of ground floor.

Material palate: 

Material palate is kept to a minimum and all the materials are used in their exposed form which in a way connects with the nature of the work undertaken there. Ridges of the corrugated sheet on the wall, texture of the exposed chequered sheet of the roof, exposed wooden finish are all raw and unique in their own way.

Grey neutral tones, warm wood finishes, and cool greens are punctured by bright yellow and maroon shades to break the monotony making the office space friendly, creative, and vibrant by striking a balance to the young team working there. Pocket garden, veranda’s overlooking the greens, clear storied roof bringing in natural light from all sides are just some of the features here.


All the office furniture is made on-site using MS box sections and wood to make tables and storage cabinets.  The loose furniture and artifacts are sourced from local stores. Teak wood finger jointed boards fused with metal frames as tables & storage cabinets were designed keeping in mind the client’s comfort & the longevity of the furniture pieces. The eye-catching furniture in the anti-room strikes a contrasting balance and completes the space.

Track lights adorn the ceiling in white paint and keep the narrow ceiling clean and simple by adding to the linearity of the space. The simplicity of the nature of the metal helped to create an open space with linear planning, limited barriers, transparency, cool colour palette, functional furniture making the space simple yet visually and physically appealing.


Firm: Lokirev Designs

Project name: Light & Shadows

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Scope: Architecture

Project Size: 1100 sft

Principal Designer: Gauthami Lokirev

Site area: 3000 sq.yards

Year completed: 2020

Picture courtesy: Ricken Desai


Lokirev designs is a Hyderabad based architectural firm founded in 2016. The young & enthusiastic firm focusses on creative & contemporary design
solutions with projects including architectural & interior services. Founded by Gauthami Lokirev, who worked with Kruthica architects under renowned architect BC. Sudhir Reddy attempts to develop an architectural
language by creating spaces that could converse with its surroundings and
the users.



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