Minimalist Luxury With A Swish Theme Apartment Interior | oneplus1

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Minimalist Luxury With A Swish Theme Apartment Interior | oneplus1

2500 sq ft. Swish theme steeped in minimalist luxury designed for a family. The space is characterized by amalgamation of lively colors, unique materials and fancy play of lights. This space features a common living room with aesthetic design, the kitchen and dining area blending in the same design giving a lavish and spacious outlook, and all the four rooms although designed separately coalesce seamlessly into a cohesive whole.

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A graceful modern space with soft and flowy environment, where the movement from one area to another is seamless.The client’s involvement was very much crucial and they played an imperative role from the designing process to the selection phase.The house welcomes with a wooden gate, with a unique handle giving it a modern touch since the client wanted a simple house with a contemporary touch, followed by living room which is the most important space in Indian families, the living room here was a graceful modern space with soft and flowy environment.


where the movement from one area to another is seamless, it then stretches out to the dining area and the kitchen. The colour pallet of brown complemented the whole space giving the natural warmth, the kitchen area unfolds in the store and utility space for helping in household activities efficiently.

One color pallet is used throughout the doors and common places in the residence to flourish a decent atmosphere in the space but let’s not skip the unique embedded handles on the doors used to break the common flow and dictating a story of the great workmanship.

The roofing/ ceilings in the whole space are designed in a simple way with fancy play of lights to give the contemporary touch with convenient ceiling points to deliver the simplicity to the clients.

The master bedroom channels an amalgamation of contemporary, simple yet classy details. The wooden flooring elegantly gains the simplicity of the room allowing the floor to extend on the other hand. In this bedroom the most appealing element to design was the headboard and the curtain selection to maintain the flow of the room and provide relaxation at the same time. The master bedroom is accompanied with huge storage spaces with an innovative furniture elements, hence serving the storage purpose as well as delivering a modern décor.

The kids bedroom in this project is very special for us since it was very challenging to add the energy which is in pace with the young mood and therefore blue color! An ocean inspired bedroom including a blue color palette contributes the aspect of inspiration and creativity to the space. Let’s not skip the advancement of wooden grids which flows from the storage area to the backside of the bed, giving the bedroom creative yet simple vibe. The elite use of space is showcased here with the study unit sculptured at an angle with the walls forming an interesting progression with an appropriate amount of bookcase.

Fact File:

Firm: oneplus1

Project Name: Studio Home

Design Team: Ar. Bhumi

Execution Team: Ar. Nikit and Manish.

Area: 2500 sq. Ft

Year: 2019

Photo Courtesy: Studio 9


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