Minimalist Home with Contemporary Aesthetics | Woodcraft International

A 3 BHK well-lit , ventilated  apartment located in the city of Gurugram spread over 2000 square foot. Our client’s brief was “Everything Minimalist”.  We believe Minimalism and functionality go hand in hand. Clean lines,  uncluttered, monochromatic simplicity & color accents. Idea was to create a soothing and inviting space that has a timeless aesthetic making it a minimalist home design.

Minimalist Home with Contemporary Aesthetics | Woodcraft International

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Living & Dining Room : A sage green accent sofa is combined with the beige walls and oak wood trimmings to create a tranquil vibe in the small living room. There’s a play of marble texture and baby pink furnishings in between to break the monotony of the entire space.  Since , our client turned out to be an artist and a book reader , there are a lot paintings and shelving in the entire home.

The Master Bedroom : A baby pink accent wall with a grey tufted bed , golden accents and a lot of nature inspired wall art and paintings. The idea was to focus on the purity and simplicity of shape and form. All white walls and wardrobe combined with wooden flooring , intended to make the space look more bigger and cosy. As the client is a book reader , we designed a cosy window seating along with a book shelf.

The Daughter’s Bedroom: Here’s a perfect mixture of woodland green and beige and a lot of natural lighting combined with golden accents .in  the room  This room has been kept simple in terms of colouring and patterns. A boho chic hot pink chair and ottoman added in the corner to add in the vibrancy to the entire space. A printed comforter and linen cushions are added to bring in some texture. Khadi curtains with a sage green sheer curtains  and a 9’ tall mirror are used to make the space look easy and breezy.

Son’s Bedroom : A blend of blue , grey , white and steam beech for a 13 year old. His only demand was to have blue elements in his den. A grey accent wall with a blue stitched line bed combined with steam beech and silver accents. A small study table and book shelf was incorporated finished in whites. Again a very simplistic approach , chose to add textures through soft furnishings.

Pops of greens and pink could be seen all around the space . Our intent was to keep the entire home warm,cozy and minimalist at the same time.

Fact File

Designed By: Woodcraft International

Typology: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: The M&M Home

Location: Gurgram, NCR

Built: 2021

Duration: 3 Months

Size: 2000 sq.ft.

Project Cost Appx: 25 Lac

Principal Architect: Kavya Sethi & Rajiv Sethi

Design Team: Divish Sharma

Photography Credits: Asmita Khodankar

Products and Materials: Finishes: Asian Paints | Wallcovering: Interclad | Lighting: Panasonic & Wipro | Furniture: Walnut Studio

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