Minimal Materials and Recyclable Accessories Used Constructively in this Apartment Interiors | ANS Design House

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Set in the ‘city of lakes and a part of megacity Mumbai, the house comprises 1.5 BHK apartments fulfilling the need of the working couple Neha and Chetan, whose work profile lets them work from home post-pandemic. Designer duo, Amit N. Phanse and Shivangi Shahane Phanse cofounder at ANS Design House have beautifully used every inch of space, satisfying the brief given and the theme chosen by clients. The house provides optimum space and required privacy for the couple. With a restricted budget and space, ANS Design House involved using minimal materials and recyclable accessories constructively.

Minimal Materials and Recyclable Accessories Used Constructively in this Apartment Interiors | ANS Design House

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This compact residence measures up to 530 sq. ft building into 1.5 BHK. The design iteration involved conceptualizing a neo-classical theme, translated into muted colors, wooden laminate and pastel shades with the hint of pop-toned furniture. These pastel shades with yellow lighting make the entry and living area an inviting space. Also, the door has embellishments of the theme, painted with pastel shade and a custom-designed grill. With this, the shoe rack with smartly executed ventilation from hollow handles and the custom-made nameplate of the house benefit the space in front.

The young couple had a corporate job that benefits their lifestyle. Considering the client’s brief, all the material finishes and fixtures are handpicked for the client—ranging from furniture design to material selection. This includes collaboration with different brands – using combinations of fixtures providing uniqueness throughout the house. The design proposal had to fit well with the existing layout provided by the builder. 

The false ceiling with indirect lighting helps to spread lighting throughout the house. This also helps in bringing cozy-ness to the subtle finishes to the house. The small round center tables blending with the flooring and complimenting the mattress (which mattress) fit very well, fulfilling the functions efficiently. Sofa, showing up the hint of orange faces the TV unit which is carefully detailed with wall mount furniture and artificial lighting. This being a compact space, the designers have ensured that the walls of the living spaces are left untouched by any standing out design. Instead, it blends beautifully with the door design. Further, it is decorated with wall painting which reflects into space. Paintings are done minimally and adjacent to the function of a sofa, are the indoor plants which bring more liveliness and familiarity to the space. An analog clock with the storage unit below it acts as an artifact ornamented with yellow light.

The dining area easily fulfills the client’s brief. They crafted the dining table in wood with minimal design and a similar tone resembling the theme. The cushion chairs, being more comfortable, favors the residence’s language and multifunctionality. Mounted with a pendant light blessing yellow light from the top and the full height mirror adjacent to the sitting, the cozy dining corner visually expands the space. It also doubles up as a work from home corner. With the kitchen layout arranged parallelly, the cabinets below the quartz platform are equally functional, accommodating the utensils of the household. It accompanies the golden triangular layout, ensuring optimum functionality. The design features include backlit shelves and lighter laminate, with chimney and platform mount stove – functioning everything in this tight-knit compact kitchen. It also provides depth to the otherwise dead or plain shutters giving an illusion of a larger space.  This also makes it easier for the clients to arrange and function in the kitchen. 

The study room is practically the half bedroom which is compact for putting up a bed or seating. Since they work from home they chose to rather make a study table and leave the floor space rather open for flexibility of usage. Even the study table is kept wall hung for making the room look visually spacious. A small mandir is carved out in the wardrobe making the room multi usable. 

The bedroom and study areas have a personalized touch. However, there is common sync in all the rooms, symbolizing the connection in the entire residence. Pastel shaded curtains, false ceilings, indirect lighting, neo-classical embellishments, and wall-mounted paintings are similar characteristics of the house. Soft cushioning and spongy bed comfort the client with under the bed and side latch ensuring uniformity and seamlessness. The wardrobe has a full-height mirror and sliding mechanism – giving maximum utility and space for residents. With space constraints, the mirrored wardrobe shutter doubles up to dressing space, making the design clutter-free and more open. With a room for only one side table, they consciously replaced it with two small ledges on either side, making the design more user-friendly. Also, the lively elements in the house, such as plants, juxtapose yet tone with the silent interiors. 

With the sensitive understanding of the space and clients brief, ANS Design Studio has brought out the best possible iteration for the client. With a restricted area and budget, all the spaces involved excessive brainstorming and discussions. The project was put to a halt amid the wave of the pandemic. However, the team showed optimism and boosted the site execution on ease of restrictions. Hence, this residence portrays how minimal design with tighter space can also bring out the best of all forms.


Designed by : ANS Design House

Project Type : Residential

Location : Thane

Year Built : 2021

Project Size : 530 sq.ft

Principal Architects : Ar. Amit Phanse, ID. Shivangi Shahane Phanse

Team Design Credits : Varsha Sharma

Text Credits : Jaival Mehta ( The Architect’s Diary)

Photograph Courtesy : 8bitsimage ( Aditya Sapre)

Products and Materials : Finishes : Show House Decor studio | Furnishing – Dream Decor Studio, Bharat Furnishings, | Lighting – Dorado lights, Unique lights | Artefacts – Amazon, Best of Bharat |

Consultants for the Project : Contractors : Manish Interiors, Thane

Firm’s Website Link : ANS Design House

Firm’s Instagram Link : ANS Design House

Firm’s Facebook Link : ANS Design House

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