Mansion House Design With Modern And Ergonomic In Function | Design Studio-Ruchir sheth

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Mansion House Design With Modern And Ergonomic In Function | Design Studio-Ar.Ruchir sheth

Creating a huge stylish contemporary bungalow is often a task far more challenging due to its scale and exclusive requirements. It can be put forth as a test of imaginative abilities when it comes to designing such a massive space, as it is mandatory to define limitations in the first place. A similar scenario was perceived in this mansion house design extraordinarily modern and ergonomic in function.

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Incorporating a blend of traditional and contemporary design style lead to a finished eclectic style bungalow. This unifying and merging of themes accomplishes in tempting night visuals. The private zone maintains their seclusion from the entrance pathway and parking lot, giving the people of the family their own space of solitude. The bungalow enchants a worthy living experience with a lavish amount of space available outside as well as inside. The primary essence of the building resides in its art of elevation treatment done through the usage of variant urban textures, claddings, and screens.

The exterior elevation has been sprucely incorporated with the GRC screen ensuring an astonishing mixed finish variety and one of a kind outline. The extended and elongated porch at the entrance boasts a wooden ceiling giving a monumental initiation to the living fantasy. Locating the Buddha sculpture at the entrance foyer makes a point to capture the dialect of the house at its best.

The art pieces from the main gate in wood to the sculptures flaunting the motif of affection, all have been exclusively imported from Bali to cater to the evolving whims and fancies of the dwellers. The mosaic patterned entrance wall was specially crafted with C4X blocks leading the way to the garden and pool area. The carved details were characterized according to the language of the residence. The contrastingly colored sofas and chairs are custom-made following the dynamics of the canvas of the interiors.

The ground floor traces the proven and clean layout of Vastu. The wooden false ceiling makes an impact as soon as you enter the space. The central family sitting with a double-height establishes a visual connection and results in delusions of grandeur simultaneously. The metal screens mounted on both sides of the wall are the in-house products.

The stunning appearance of the chic interiors is due to the permutations of the material pallet used in the house. For instance, travertine on the wall exerts out the sophisticated opulent look whereas, the Italian marble on the floors maintains the extravagant feel in the entire house. The combination of brown with a tinge of brass brings a spark in the eyes. The brass railing continues in the glass on the next floor, keeps up the ambiance bright and live.

The living room welcomes the visitors in a classy way with an ultimate brass inlay artwork on the wall. This room with three predominant furniture items defines immense harmony, elegance, and taste. The cream walls, royal blue sofas, and classic brown suede seating offer a look, the discerning designer will admire. The sitting arrangement ensures appropriate space for big family gatherings while performing other fun activities. The center table flaunts the patterns in brass inlays on the Italian marble similar to the backdrop. All the furniture in the house gracefully compliments the interiors of the house.

The master and guest bedroom are located at the rear of the ground floor plan. The dedicated corner creates connectivity with the landscape area bringing nature inside. The backdrop again decorates the wall with several textures like veneer, Italian stone articulated with brass inlays. The color scheme has hues of brown with a splash of grey. The bedroom rug creates an island of coziness. A cushioned fabric for the headboard looks luscious and will even soften sound to aid restful sleep. On the other hand, the guest bedroom eases into an accent color. It was decided not to hog with any new hue in this room. From the lighting scheme to the show-stopping walls, it brings the look crashing into the present day aesthetics.

The dining space follows an engrossing pallet of glass, wood and natural stone.It is enhanced with floral upholstered chairs. This seems to be a perfect place to share meals and memorable moments with friends and family. Here the design style needed to match up with the versatility of the space. The modern pendant lightings bring a glow and embrace a retro charm with a touch of superior style statement.

The Pooja room is precisely done in white stone maintaining the serenity and sanity of the place. The mandala designed on the ceiling was created in HDF material. The colors on the walls and the materials used makes a tranquil ambiance ideal for praying.

The son’s bedroom feebly uses everyone’s favourite color, black. The room even acquires the concept of radiating positivity through inspiring quotes. The backdrop has got some encouraging words written in bold with MDF. The washroom plays with a little level difference and makes the space more captivating. The backlit onyx stone acts as a beautiful partition between the spaces. The Zen area adjacent to it has got pretty adornments for the mere motive of making space feel richer. The design decorates the bathroom in a way that is very functional and pleasant to suit all the needs and desires.

The Multipurpose room brings a significant variation through the dignified rawness, contradictory to the followed interior style. Complementing the user’s need of having an entertainment zone of his own, where he can unwind and relax. The owner being a party-head desired to decorate the area as per his desires. The mirrors used on the wall provides a crisp and impeccable reflection of the room.

The home theatre displays a comfortable sitting format enabling other activities apart from merely watching movies. The settings encourage family and friends to get together. The automated lighting system controls the intensity of light with the touch panels in the entire house. In a nutshell, the ravishing details and the wonderfully articulated interiors restored a positive vibe in the house for the users as well as the guests. The glamorous collection of elements with a luxurious touch impresses everybody and certainly is a ‘dream house’ for many.


Design Firm Name: Design Studio

Project Name: Samprat

Project Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Plot Area: 18,298 sq. ft.

Built-up Area: Ground floor – 6128 sq. ft. & First floor – 4764 sq. ft.

Principal Architect: Ar. Ruchir Sheth

Design Team: Sejal Modi, Mayur Pithadiya & Jitendra Singh Matharoo

Photography: Tejas Shah

PMC: Samir Arande – Earth Group

Year: 17-06-2017 to 19-10-2019



Content Credit: Abhilasha Jha

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