Making your home energy efficient to boost sustainable living

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When moving to a new home, there’s a long list of things that you need to take care of. Many times, the excitement of relocation makes you forget about many crucial things. Your relocation will become hassle-free with interstate movers at Pricing Van Lines. But, you’ll need to focus on checking how energy efficient your new home is.

For making your new or future home energy efficient and meeting sustainable goals, you must follow these ways:

Do smart cooking

Start doing smart cooking to save a huge amount of energy that always gets wasted when you cook every single time. If you’re looking for efficient options then go for convection ovens that can save energy to a great extent.

Using pressure cookers while cooking can save both time and energy. Covering foods while cooking is also a form of smart cooking that can boost sustainable living in your new home.

Develop a habit of switching off

It has been seen that people forget to switch off their air conditioner, fan, or lights even if they’re not in use. People also think that if the appliances are in the standby state, there won’t be energy consumption. But, in this way, unnecessary energy is used.

So, this habit needs to be avoided as it is only going to increase your electricity bills and cause wastage of sources. Whenever you leave a room, make sure to check and switch off everything that is not in use. By following this, you get reduced electricity bills.

Switch to CFLs or LED

One of the best ways to make your home energy efficient is switching to CFLs and LEDs. Traditional lights and bulbs in the home consume more energy than you think. Those who want to boost sustainable living should consider opting for this idea. By installing LED or CFLs, you can save a huge on your energy bills.

With LEDs and CFLs, you not only save energy but also get a suitable option of lighting that ensures longer life and no or lesser toxic metals.

Take care of your windows

While moving to a new home, you should start focusing on your windows. You need to either replace your windows or make some changes to them to keep your home energy efficient. Do you know that your window can lose cool air in the summers and heat in winters? Yes, you heard it right.

Traditional windows that are used in every home are not good for saving energy and this can cost you in the form of large energy bills. First of all, you need to check if your windows are in good condition or not. Try replacing older windows with double panel ones to make them last longer and energy efficient. These window panes are well suited for minimizing heat loss. Make sure to choose window frames that are insulated.  

Always buy appliances with energy certification

Looking for new home appliances for your new home? If yes then make sure the appliances are energy star certified which means they can save energy. In the market, you’ll get to see numerous appliances with the latest specifications. But, don’t get carried away with their features or technical specifications.

Want to make the home energy efficient? If yes then make sure to focus on buying only those electronics appliances and equipment that can save energy as well as your money. One thing to consider is that cost of operating these appliances should always be lesser than their buying cost.

Set the water heater automatic

One of the appliances in every home that contributes a lot to the loss of energy is the water heater. You can boost sustainable living and cut your energy bills by making some changes or adjustments to your water heater.

Set the maximum temperature of heating as per your requirement. Apart from this, you must insulate the pipes that carry hot water. This will help in keeping the water hot for a longer time.


These are some simple changes that you can implement in your everyday life to meet your sustainability goals and save energy to a great extent. Before you start your moving-out journey, keep these things in mind so that you can make your new home comfortable and energy-efficient.