• Luxury real estate in Dubai: the most expensive penthouse in Dubai has been sold.

    Find analogues and other luxury real estate in Dubai, UAE. Assistance in buying housing in the

    The most expensive penthouse in Downtown Dubai has been sold

    In Downtown Dubai, a deal was made not for AED 1,000,000, but for AED 50,000,000. It was the price for a luxury penthouse, located next to Dubai Mall, was sold. The price is a record for this area, but not for Dubai as a whole, since lots of houses for sale in Palm Jumeirah cost more than

    AED 50,000,000.

    The sold duplex apartment has magnificent views of the famous Burj Khalifa Tower, which is the hallmark of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The penthouse, which was bought for an incredible AED 50,000,000 (or USD 13,500,000), was the most expensive in Downtown Dubai.

    Luxury penthouse in The 118 by Signature Developers

    Magnificent two-storey apartments are located in the residential area – The 118. This apartment has six bedrooms. Moreover, each bedroom has its own bathroom. The interior is decorated with stone.

    Mother-of-pearl is used in the decoration. In addition to the bedrooms, the apartment has spacious walk-in closets.

    This apartment is a project of the company Signature Developers. The advantages of the residential project include a central location and gorgeous views from the windows.

    In fact, this residential building is unique for its area. Usually, real estate with similar prices is found in the Palm Jumeirah or Dubai Marina area. For Downtown, such a cost is nonsense. If, in the case of beach residences, the location affects the price tag. Then the price is formed due to the luxury of the building and the apartment in particular. Residents of this luxury penthouse have the opportunity to enjoy their own magnificent garden and terrace with a swimming pool with a total area of 8,000 sq. m. In addition, there is a special room for a personal driver, 24-hour service, concierge, as well as a fitness room on the territory.

    Are there similar offers on the UAE market

    Several similar-level penthouses can be found in Dubai. This is Le Reve and Il Primo by Emaar, which are under construction, or Sparkle Towers in Dubai Marina, where you can buy duplex apartments for AED 8,000,000.

    Our assistance in buying real estate in Dubai

    If you are looking for luxury accommodation in Dubai, we recommend Ax Capital website search. This is an agency with extensive experience, which offers a wide selection of apartments, penthouses and villas for every taste and budget. Contact the specialists and you will be sure that they will choose a housing option for you that absolutely meets your expectations. The company provides an individual approach to each client. To get a consultation, go to the official website:

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