Legend Ply Veneers Exhibition Space | ACETECH Designed By  Spaces [email protected]

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Legend Ply Veneers Exhibition Space | ACETECH Designed By  Spaces [email protected]

ACETECH is a series of Asia’s largest architecture, building materials, design and decor exhibitions, recognised as India’s premier portfolio of events for bringing major international and domestic players from the building and interiors industry.


Creating and sculpting space for Legend Ply Veneers builds upon three basic concepts – Understanding – Usage – Experience.


Understanding –

It was a journey which started way months back and involves a lot of research with the product. Company has a wide range of veneers spanning more than 500 kinds.


After doing a lot of research and knowing the product in detail comes the style of expression by which it can be best expressed to the users. By application of veneer in different styles in the form of veneer man or moulding of veneer into reception table.


The entire journey has been conceptualised in  a way that with each step you gain a new perspective.

The spaces uses elements which are modern in order to imbue its interior with a sensation of both innovation and quality which reflects the products on display.

The outer form was visualised as large sized veneers which protects the black interiors and the products displayed inside hence the first thing that intrigues the visitor is the entrance gateway panels along with the hanging members coming out from the ceiling which at the end becomes the part of back wall and than there sets the name of the brand in brass keeping the audience focussed towards it.

As user proceeds in the area there comes the experience zone where veneers were displayed in the form of continous sculptural element. This area has been conceptualised in a way that user gains a new perspective with each step. Its like creating frame for the eyes in a defined way.

In this area at the back small 8’x2′ panels were displayed converging at the centre and creating a focal point where digital display was placed.


On the adjacent wall user is enlightened about the veneer origin through a tree which is made out of solid wood and its various categories were placed along the branches of it. Just adjacent to it flexi veneers panels were casted and veneer is moulded over it intrigues the curiousity of user.

Veneer man has been conceptualised as a mascot and a way of displaying veneer in  a different way. A elliptical light is placed over it litting the sculpture creating a complete frame.

At the end comes the discussion area where all large sized veneers were placed along with the flush boards, doors and samples where the user can sit and explore the wide range of products.

Project Name – Legend Ply Veneers Exhibition Space

Location – ACETECH Mumbai 2018

Area – 2000sqft

Clients – Legend Ply Veneers

Firm –  Spaces [email protected], South Ex, New Delhi

Principal Architect – Kapil Aggarwal

Project Architect – Manoj Kr Sharma(Architect)

                                  Nitin Kotnala (Intern Architect)

Category – Temporary Architecture space

PhotographyPHX India

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