How To Move A Sofa Bed Up Or Down Stairs

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Are you looking to take on the daunting task of moving a sofa bed? Sofa beds are extremely convenient as they provide a place for guest to comfortably rest during the day and an even more comfortable area to sleep at night. However, it is that very convenience that makes them a hindrance to move. The extra weight of the bed stuffed inside makes the sofa so much heavier. Moving the bed will no doubt be a daunting task and it will be even more daunting if you are moving the bed up or downstairs. However, with the following tips, you can tackle this task without any hitches.


Clear The Path

The last thing you want is to lift and lower and lift and lower the bed over and over again. This is why before you do anything you need to make sure that you have a 100 percent clear path from destination to destination. Also, when you are clearing your path, you will want to have a handy tape measure with you. Measure any opening that you are going to have to pass through and make sure that you have the proper clearance. Knowing when and where you need to make adjustments ahead of time will make the move all that much easier.


Establish A Clear Plan

You are not going to be moving any fabric sofa beds on your own so it will be imperative that you and your partner are on the same wavelength. Make sure that your thoughts and actions are synchronized. This will not only make you a more efficient team, but it could potentially prevent injuries. Discuss everything to the fullest and ask your moving partner’s opinion about every obstacle that you encounter.


Lighten The Load

Due to the fact that sofa beds are already extremely handy, you want to lighten the load whenever and wherever you can. Removing the cushions and the mattress will greatly help lighten some of that load. You can usually do this by fully extending the sofa to the bed position and simply removing the mattress. Once the mattress is removed, you can fold everything back up into the sofa position. Some mattresses might be tied down in which case this will require simply undoing a few knots, but the process will be much less painful than the physical moving.


Tie Up The Frame

The last thing you want is the frame coming undone when you are moving the bed. If you have to twist or turn the bed during the process it is likely that the bed could come undone and cause major problems. Simply slide a rope around the sofa and that frame of the bed so that it makes it impossible for the bed to unfold during the moving process.


The Actual Moving Process

Now, you are pretty much set for the hardest part of the journey. You and your partner are ready to physically lift the bed and move it to its new location. With the path clear and a devised plan, you shouldn’t have a problem.



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