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Instinctive acceptance of towering cubical structures is now shifting to welcome contextual familiarity, respecting their own guidelines and expressive architecture. The inspiration from traditional architecture of Pondicherry with contemporary aesthetics and expressions sought to achieve harmony between the architecture of Le Tranquil and tropical nature creating modern minimalist house. The foreground features of concrete, wood and whites to form the visual palette, but also personifies architecture for the necessary, a structure responsive to desires of climate and human experiences, of the users residing at Le Tranquil. ~Yamini Vaswani (Editorial Team)

Le Tranquil : Modern Minimalist House of Tropical Architecture | Studio Whitescape

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“Context acts a catalyst in Architecture, it brings new dynamics to design to create more sensible spaces.”


 “It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.”

Located on the narrow streets of Pondicherry, the North facing site could be termed as a unique architectural typology. The context is a neighborhood composed of dense dwelling units which are built to edges with two to three stories high as any typical structure in Indian cities. It is designed for a couple with three kids and the home is a combination of public and private spaces designed to cater to the needs of the family. Client requirement was to build a home that would represent them for the new generation.

 LE TRANQUIL explores the idea of a modern minimalist house architecture adopting the principles of tropical architecture and design. It is designed as a well thought architectural insert between the existing structures. The main aim is to create well connected spaces between inside and outside where both built space and landscape complement each other and bring a unique kind of experience within. The spaces are oriented in such a way that one can enjoy the views that are created and framed by different design features. Apart from this, the design creates an interesting play of natural light to further enhance the experience for the occupants. This home accommodates a water body and a platform that forms a base for a tree which is the focal point. The courtyard creates interesting views from different parts of the home while also helping in the circulation of air within the home.

The interior of the house is derived through the client lifestyle. The aim was to create minimalistic interiors with a great amount of detailing by using different materials. White and concrete are used as base colors, which contrast and complement each other. Black with white grains marble is used as main flooring along with grey vitrified tiles and timber flooring. Timber is used as interior finishes to complement the white and concrete surfaces. Another interesting feature in this home are the transforming spaces which are achieved by the sliding, folding members that adorn the façade on the upper levels. It is possible to open them up to make the space an extension towards the exterior.

A casual seating towards formal living- with a row of timber perforated shutters pivoted to the concrete cube, provides privacy while it creates a lot of drama for your eyes. This concrete cube with timber inlay forms a frame along the circulation to frame a beautiful piece of art. Water body and the platform that forms a base for a tree which is the focal point. The courtyard creates interesting views from different parts of the home while also helping in the circulation of air and light within the home.

The playful light during the day & lights balls suspended from skylights at night , both create intriguing & pleasant experiences for the occupants. An elevated platform in dining  adds to the elegance of space & the garden across the huge sliding window gives an outdoor dining experience. Concrete steps leading to the living act as a base to the metal staircase with timber which is designed as a sculpture. Living opens into the garden on front as well as side acting as a buffer from noise & heat. The central skylight makes the spaces like a changing canvas of natural light . Courtyards with skylights connect different parts of the home by blurring the lines that separate them. Play of natural light along with the pleasant pink in the bedroom creates the perfect ambiance. The concrete platform of the son’s bedroom extends to the garden creating a close connection to nature.

This project could be described as a modern minimalist architecture adopting the principles of tropical architecture and design blurring the lines between indoor & outdoor; Inviting yet providing privacy with exposed concrete compound walls contrasting with timber gates. Le Tranquil is a modern minimalist built-form, the languages arrived allows for a clear reading of the archetypal elements of solid, void & planes with the use of devises such as screens & light courts. The vocabulary caters for the specific program & specific lifestyle & for rudimentary concerns for comfort & shelter.  

Fact File

Designed By: Studio Whitescape

Typology: Residential Architecture and Design

Project Name: Le Tranquil

Location: Puducherry

Size: 6000 sq.ft.

Principal Architect: Manjunath C N

Photography Credits: PHX India

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