Bedroom Basics: Key Items You Need in Your Bedroom to Function

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When you moved into your first apartment or home, you probably didn’t start out with much. The majority of people start out with the bare minimum, which probably included a bed, a couch, a lamp, and a card table with a few mismatched chairs. It wasn’t much, but it got you through.

The fact that you were able to move out on your own was enough satisfaction for you. You figured all the other home essentials would come later, and they did eventually come. During that time, working with the bare minimum of home decor essentials was harder than you realized, especially in your bedroom.

For your bedroom, you of course have a bed, but there are some pieces missing that you didn’t realize you needed as much as you do. We’re going to look beyond the four walls of your bedroom, and take a look at the key items you should have in your bedroom to be able to function on a daily basis.



The bed is what makes a bedroom a bedroom, so of course a bed is your number one key essential. Your bed’s purpose is to provide a place for you to lay your head, and to also be a place of comfort. It definitely beats sleeping on the couch or worse, the floor.

With the bed being a place of comfort, you want to ensure that your bedding is comfortable as well. So, investing in a quality mattress and bedding sets should be a no brainer. You will need to figure out what type of mattress your body best responds to. You may like a firm mattress, but also want a small touch of softness added with a mattress pad.

Your bedding set will need to exude the same amount of comfort. You can purchase a luxury bedding set that will not only exceed your expectations of plush comfort, but will also allow you to express your individuality in design. Also, you can’t forget about the pillows. The more pillows you have, the more comfort you will add to your bed.


Night Stands

You may think that having a night stand is not really a necessity, but more of a want. Well, many people would beg to differ in saying that it is absolutely a bedroom essential. Night stands are very convenient furniture pieces to have by your bed.

Night stands are helpful for housing items that we may need at night. Items such as medication, glasses, and an alarm clock can all be found on, or in, a night stand. If you didn’t have one, you wouldn’t be able to set that glass of water down that you drink every night before bed, or be able to have your TV remote easily accessible.

Ok, a night stand might not be necessity for your bedroom, but to comfortably function in your bedroom, it is detrimental if you try to do without. A long time ago, night stands held chamber pots. So the purpose of a night stand might have served a higher purpose back then, than it does now, but nonetheless, the night stand is still a necessity in the bedroom.


Full Body Mirror

Having a full body mirror in your room is a necessary item to have for your room to function. The full body mirror allows you to fully see what you look like once you get dressed. It lets you know if you physically look like you’re ready to start your day.

The last thing you need is to arrive at work and not realize that you have a hole in the back of your pants, showcasing your new, yet comfortable bright yellow underwear. Incidents like that are embarrassing, but they’re also preventable, if you have a full length mirror in your bedroom.

Now, according to the laws of Feng Shui, mirrors have to be placed in the right area of a room in order to give positive vibes to your bedroom space. Bad vibes is the last thing you need in your room of relaxation, so if you are into Feng Shui, check out the dos and don’ts.



Having a dresser in your room is important because it is a source of storage. Yes, you have a closet for your clothes, but all your clothes don’t need to be hung up. A dresser allows for storage and organization, which also prevents clutter.

Whether you’re moving into your first place or your third place, it can be a pain to temporarily live out of a suitcase, or constantly have to dig for your clothes out of a container or bag. Having a designated area for foldable clothes and personal accessories is not only convenient, but also practical. As you come to realize how much easier your day gets, and how much more fulfilled your bedroom makes you feel, you’ll come to appreciate your decluttering efforts.


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