• Keep Your Home Bug Free with These DIY Pest Control Methods

    Bugs are one thing that you simply don’t want or need in your home. Whether you’re thinking about flies, wasps, cockroaches, or even mice; you can be certain that they will carry diseases that can make you and your family ill.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do yourself to keep these pests away from your home with Pestzone.

    Electronic Devices

    Check out the best electronic pest control devices to find out how you can deter flies and even mice. These pests are attracted to the sounds that the electronic devices make; despite humans not being able to hear the devices.

    Once they reach the source of the attraction they’ll find that they are trapped and will die; either through the electronic fly killer or the electronic pests control unit.

    These are a great way to eliminate unwanted guests that are not captured by other means.

    Mouse Traps

    The old-fashioned mousetrap is still an effective and efficient way to capture and eliminate mice. You’ll need to put quite a few down; two dozen traps are about right for an averaged sized house.

    You’ll need to put peanut butter or a little chocolate syrup on the traps to attract the mice. It’s also a good idea to put 2 traps net to each other by the wall; this will ensure you have the greatest success.

    Seal It Up

    It is important to visually inspect the outside of your home for small gaps where pests can enter your home. Pay particular attention to the areas around windows and doors; even a tiny gap is enough to allow unwanted pests into your home.

    Gaps should be sealed with chalking or expanding foam; this will ensure they are fully closed and pests are trapped inside or outside; but not free to come and go.

    Don’t forget that water is essential for most life forms; make sure you don’t leave any sat around that could invite your pests in.

    Clean It

    Just like leaving water out makes your home more attractive to pests, you should also consider the food waste you leave lying around. A crumb may be nothing to you but it could be enough food to feed a mouse for a week.

    Keep all your services clean and free from food debris to avoid attracting the pests.


    There are a variety of herbs you can use that will persuade pests to stay away. Mint and citrus plants are some of the best options. You should plant them near any entrance point as this will deter the pests from approaching.

    Bait Containers

    A bait container provides poisonous food for your pests. The idea is that they eat the bait and also take it back to their nests, killing off other members of their nest as well.

    It is worth noting that these containers must be placed out of reach of children and pets; if they eat the bait they are likely to get ill or even die.


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