Jewellery Store That Exudes Grandeur Inspired by the Indian Architecture | D’ZINE FORUM

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Jewellery store that exudes grandeur inspired by the indian architecture symbolizes the beauty and classicism. For women wearing jewellery is a symbol of feminity. The showroom of “RAMESH CHANDRA PAREKH JEWELLERS” is located in the heart of the city. It was re-designed to give a complete new look. RCP Jewellers is headed by Mr. Mehul Parekh. It is a legendary store for some of the world’s most sumptuous jewellery. It is the second flagship store inaugurated in 1987. They take pride in being the most prestigious and trustworthy jewellers of their times. Their designs and collections are inspired from eras of the past, present and future.

Jewellery Store That Exudes Grandeur Inspired by the Indian Architecture | D’ZINE FORUM


The requirement specified by the client brief was to design a showroom that exudes grandeur and also to keep the space functionality in mind. A jewellry store means so much more to the customers who enter it with big expectations. They could be looking for a wedding ring or an anniversary gift, each one with their own celebrations and festivities.

Therefore it becomes crucial for the jewellery stores to offer an ambience that is both welcoming and relaxed. Keeping all this in mind, Ar. Mandeep Manchanda lead a team to design one of its kind Jewellery boutique over an area of above 3000 Sq.ft.

The complete floor is divided into the showroom and the back office area. The elevator opens up into a well designed lobby area which is visible through the main entrance. The entrance door is a well carved door and the signage board has been covered in traverntino marble on which the gold acrylic name of the showroom stands out from a distance highlighting the space. The Interiors has been inspired by the “Indian Architecture”.

The space was designed to meet all the requirements by providing window displays, well spaced counters, a cash wrap and a semi -private area for the client. The showroom had a lot of columns which was covered with boards and created more dummy boxes in symmetry and designed the jewellery showroom display cabinets in the spaces created by these boxes.

The walls are carved with floral miniatures in arched spaces, niches grace the walls and also solve the purpose of the display. A row of long elegant counters were placed which had showcase with glass boxes on the top to display the jewellery.

The counters and walls were finished with solid surface with carved mouldings, which enhanced the aesthetic value of the project. The false ceiling was created to give a fine ornamental look to suit the other treatments of the interiors.

There are various factors that enhances the ambience, none can add a silver lining the way lighting does to a jewellery store. Perfect lighting not only illuminates the store but also creates a comfortable and dynamic atmosphere that boosts the mood of the customers as well as the employees. However achieving perfect lighting is not an easy task. They say that the first impression is the last impression. While we cannot generalize the statement, but this one does matter when it comes to jewellery stores.

The display window is an area which attracts customers by a mere look as it also holds the jewellery display. Spot lights and recessed lights were used as they offer great visual details. Another crucial area in the jewellery store is the billing desk which needs effective illumination that keeps up with the aesthetic of the surroundings and also improves the productivity of the employees. Specially designed 5000 Kelvin ceiling lights were used to give perfect illumination to the showroom and also to enhance the beauty of the jewellery.

Fact File

Designed by: D’ZINE FORUM

Project Name: Ramesh Chandra Parekh Jewellers

Client name: Mr. Mehul Parekh

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

Team Design Credits: Mr. Mandeep Manchanda              

Project Area: 3000 Sq.ft

Photography Courtesy: Ravi Kanade

Firm’s Instagram Link: D’ZINE FORUM

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