Jalebiwala Restaurant – The Cross boundaries

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Jalebiwala Restaurant – The Cross boundaries

Empty spaces are the most wonderful to create. Jalebiwala Restaurant with an area of 2000 sq. ft. is located at Al-Karama, Dubai, one of the densely populated areas, catering to the need of sustainable space and serving appetizing cuisines of India

The cozy interiors provide an interesting blend of fine dining and a feeling of homespun, with a capacity to serve almost 92 guests at a point of time. The restaurant also has an outdoor snacks counter equipped with a serving capacity for around 20 guests, particularly to cater to the need of a rush hour.


Idea / derivation of concept:It all incepted with brainstorming the general concept of the Indian restaurant. An inclination towards breakthrough from the ordinary jail effect, floral patterns, and colorful vibrant walls was an inspiration to recreate this Indian restaurant with a minimalist concept. We consciously avoided disturbing the floor space by planting usual artifacts and hence we were just left with walls and the ceiling.

Interestingly we started listing the cookeries with their state of origin and specialty which were understood to be served. We simultaneously started connecting and interlinking different states dominant factor being food fare. Rethinking on the same lines we thought of making it graphical rather than mere write-ups.Taking the outlines of Maps of the selected states we took a print out on paper. Cutting the outlines of the states we laid them all on the floor. That is when the Idea popped out that we already have the wall in front. Sorting out a way to connect them I introduced Indian woolen cloth reel. To add a minimal touch of Indian culture the reels were layered over the maps and was joined by a black thick thread. The maps are colored dark blue so it stands out from the beige wall separated by a diffuse light behind the maps.


Entrance Partition:The entrance is partitioned with a semi-opaque customized wooden frame with glass on both the sides. The partition is aesthetically occupied with thermocol glasses, which are captioned with lights from all the sides. It thus creates an aura of transition from bright to dark where the light captivatingly travels through the voids left between the glasses creating a contrast, and befitting the filled up space between the partitions. The play of light through the voids create an interesting element infusing a welcoming essence at the entrance.

The cash counter on the left-hand side of the entrance has a dedicated pocket for planters spawning a sublime characteristic. A pinch of green always creates a reconciliation between human and aesthetic quintessence.



The Restaurant has three must notice!!! Elements

  1. Centre Top: customized hanging “Box lights”
  2. Left Wall: backlit maps with states of India interlinked with each other
  3. Right Wall: mural of ceramic bowls


The furniture is pleasingly simple with lime wood top and white chairs over the space and a set of couches in the shade of blue & black on the left end of the wall.

Suspended Box lights:The variable sized hanging wooden boxes are accomplished with lime wood finish and concealed lights. These boxes illustrate a grid-like structure hanging from the black painted ceiling, which is done in a particular fashion, so as to hide the hanging wires and epitomize the grid of boxes as “floating grid of hanging wooden boxes”.



India states mural:The left wall of the restaurant has been distinctively customized with diverse states of India exemplifying a variety of cuisines to be served. We have tried to realize this idea by exhibiting a wall mural holding backlit laser cut states, randomly placed all over the wall and interwoven with each other using a black colored thread. Another vibrant yellow colored reel is placed over these backlit laser cut states in order to connect the threads via all the cut out states. Finally, in order to multiply the length of the mural, a mirror is placed at the end of the space. These interwoven threads associate diversity because the essence of the beautiful is unity in diversity.



Ceramic bowl mural:

The right wall is kept decidedly restrained by introducing a blend of different sized ceramic bowls in yellow, black and white color. The variety in size   and arrangement of the ceramic bowls convey a sense of austereness and also craft a 3Dimensional effect via play of shadows. Also, a mirror at the front wall makes space look very linear and continuous at the very first scan.




Sitting space:

The table tops are finished with lime wood and further accompanied with white chairs. An exclusive 8 seater family room with colored fabric ceiling awaits at the end of the restaurant. The colored fabric ceiling with wooden panels is used in a small pocket just to enrich the space with an Indian touch of vibrant colors contrasted and complemented with completely plane walls.













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