• Is Your Home Ready For The Winter

    It seems that every winter that we experience is that little bit worse than the last. The brutal cold getting in can make those daily chores, working from home, or even just relaxing, a mammoth task.

    Winter is almost upon us again. Now’s a better time than ever to make sure that you are ready to handle the bitter cold with some simple and quick upgrades.

    You want to insulate your home so that it not only keeps the cold out, you want it to keep the heat in too. Don’t get caught out in mid-November, if you act now, you won’t have to worry about ridiculously high bills from excessive heating use.

    Here are just some of the changes that you can make that will really make a difference during the colder months.


    Here’s the biggest culprit when it comes to winter chills; windows. Even if they don’t audibly let in a draft they can still let in the cold.

    If you don’t have double glazing yet then now is the time. It is fairly easy to get installed quickly and makes a real difference. Sometimes it may not be down to the glazing though, sometimes it is simply a case of poorly fitted windows that the cold can creep through.

    If so, good news! It’s a much cheaper fix as you’re just going to have to make sure that the space where cold is creeping through is sealed up. You can usually find where it’s getting through on a windy day. Christmasgap, cover it up, and you’re good to go!



    While they may look nice, the summer curtains have got to go. The more layers that you have between the outside and inside the better.

    Invest in some thermal curtains, they’ll help keep the warm in and the cold out during the winter months. Sometimes function has to take precedence over fashion, but with that being said, there are many attractive thermal curtains out there if you shop about!


    Winter and minimalists just don’t gel! Again you may have to sacrifice your simple and clear layout for something a little more populated.

    Huddle your chairs and sofas a little closer together and get them as close as they can be to the radiators.

    That homely winter look is more than just aesthetic, the closer and cosier everything is, the less space there is for your heating to reach.


    This is a big one for those who are living in older homes; if you have an unused fireplace there’s a good chance that it’s letting a draft in.

    This one may be the easiest of all the tips and tricks, just get some old clothes or rags and shove them into the chimney. Sometimes a draft can sneak through in chimneys that have been concreted off, so they may need some rags up there too.

    Just don’t tell the little ones that your chimney is blocked come christmas!



    Make sure your heaters are in tip-top shape. And while you’re at it, upgrade them where possible.

    This doesn’t mean you have to splash out on a whole new radiator, just give smart thermostatic valves a try.

    They’re just over £20 and let you take control of your heating, meaning you can keep it on for longer without having to pay for hours of use at full power.

    Check out Trade Radiators, who have a wide range of thermostatic radiator valves to choose from.

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