• How covid-19 affects your septic tank

    COVID-19, the most recent Coronavirus, has been recorded in 20 US states thus far, with no indications of stopping down.  Although coronaviruses are a common virus family, the latest strain has caused panic worldwide and has caused cleaning aisles to be cleared at local stores.

    In addition to concentrated disinfectants, the list of disinfectants contains certain ready-to-use (RTU) products. Because of the potency of some of these compounds, it’s critical to read the labels, use the necessary dilutions, and dispose of them properly. When disinfection products are misused, they can be damaging to humans and the environment.

    Septic systems can be stressed by self-isolation, and shelter-in-place practises

    Please be advised that with everyone spending more time at home and attempting to avoid the Coronavirus, the load on your septic system may increase. At home, more food is being cooked. Many folks are doing more dishes than usual, as well as running the dishwasher and garbage disposal. For this reason septic tank cleaning is important.

    There is more laundry than usual

    Many families also wash clothes, linens, towels, and other items more frequently, especially if a family member is self-isolating or confined. Some people take off their clothes and wash them after going outside, even if it’s just for a short walk.

    Septic systems are being put under more strain due to excess water usage and food waste pouring down the drains. For this septic tank pumping is essential.

    Wipes for disinfecting and other poisons

    Many households use higher-than-normal amounts of disinfectants like bleach in the laundry and flushing disinfecting wipes down the toilet to prevent the virus from spreading. These compounds are harmful to septic tank microbiology and treatment. This will result in low-quality wastewater leaving the septic tank at high enough proportions, hastening the blockage of the leach field. For this reason septic tank cleaning is important.

    With the health and economic consequences of the Coronavirus, we all have enough to be concerned about. On top of everything else, a septic system backup or leach field collapse right now would be terrible. For this septic tank pumping is essential.

    Checklist for Septic System Maintenance

    So, what can you do to relieve stress on your septic tank cleaningand keep it from becoming overburdened? The following are some risk-reduction techniques that have been recommended. Please let me know if you think something should be added to this list in the comments section below!

    • More sure to Never flush the disinfectant wipes or the personal wipes down the toilet. Wipes should be kept separate and disposed of in the trash instead.

    • Use as little bleach as possible in the laundry. If at all possible, limit it to under 1 Cup (250mL) every day.

    • Instead of powder, use liquid washing detergent. Powder detergents don’t break down efficiently and clog the leach field lines if they pass through the septic tank.

    • When washing your hands, use conventional, old-fashioned soap. There’s no need to use soap that contains harsh anti-bacterial compounds that are hazardous to your septic system’s germs.

    • Think about if you need to wash your clothes after every outing to get some fresh air. It’s pretty improbable that your clothes have been contaminated if you went for a walk in your area and didn’t come within 30 feet of another human being or touch any public surfaces (such as crosswalk buttons or ATMs).


    It’s critical to keep a drain field in good working order since it can have significant and costly implications if it’s not. The last thing you want to deal with is a septic emergency now that so many of us are spending more time at home. To know more about septic tank pumpingcontact our service page Septic Connection.

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