You probably wouldn’t like to hear that your clean, energy-efficient, and comfortable house design could be a contributing factor to pest infestation in your house. You may have tried all means to get rid of pests in your home, but they always keep on coming back. It may be surprising, but some home designs, especially the material used to make the building, could be attracting pests. And as soon as pests access the building, they quickly find their way into every part of the house within no time. If you have noticed signs of pest infestation in your home, you need the help of a pest control company such as Barrier Pest Control in Mountain Home, ID, to identify their root cause. Before you hire a pest control specialist, make sure to read this post on the considerations in booking a pest control service.

    Your building’s air duct and ceiling condition

    Suppose the heating and air conditioning ducts of your house do not have a well-attached screening; in that case, they may be the root cause of your pest infestation. The ceiling and air duct are the common entryways for pests, and an improper installation merits that. To deal with such a problem, ensure you repair or restore your hanging ceiling and seal the spaces in electrical conduit, gas lines, utility pipes, and other cables in your building that have spacious openings by consulting Air Mavericks duct cleaning. Remember to seal the area where your chimney pipe meets your roof, as it could also be the entry point for pests.

    The material used to build your house

    Different building materials make different house designs. Some common building materials include metal, wood, and concrete. Due to deterioration as the building ages, some building materials, especially wood, become susceptible to pest infestation. Wood structures tend to rot due to moisture. Concrete buildings can develop cracks while metal structures rust and develop holes allowing the entry of pests.

    Gaps in your house

    The gaps in your house are there to ventilate the house, but they may be the reason why pests access your home. Cracks are the pathways pests use to gain entry and then eat up the wire mesh or plastic vapor barrier that covers the gap. The best way to avoid such problems is to seal all openings using caulk. If you notice any cracks on pipes, ductwork, or tubing in your building, seal it up as quickly as possible.

    If your house design has direct contact with soil on the ground

    The soil on the ground usually has moisture, which triggers the decay of materials. If your house design directly connects with the soil on the earth, it may cause the building materials to decay. Consequently, the rot is a breeding ground for pests such as carpenter ants, moisture ants, termites, and rats. To avoid such a problem, you can dig the soil away from your house siding. Ensure there is some space below the siding so that the foundation is visible.

    Damaged screens on the soffit vent

    Check if there are damaged or missing screens on your building’s soffit vents as they create an entryway for pests to enter your attic. If there are any, replace them and repair the damaged ones using galvanized hardware cloth.


    If you suspect that your house design could be contributing to pest infestation in your home, invite a pest control specialist to check it out.

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