Integrate your Microwave to Enhance your Interior Design in 7 Steps

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Kitchen appliances play a vital role in any home. If they are modern and decorative, they will ease the food preparation process and improve your decor. A perfect example of such a handy appliance is the microwave. If you want to enhance your interior design, this should be your starting point. Luckily, there are multiple ways to integrate your microwave in your cooking space and enhance the look- in a unique way, of course.

Check out tips that no one tells you about!

1. Be wise on colors

The first step to using any kitchen appliance in your interior design is color selection. Choose hues to match your existing color scheme for a stylish interior. This may not be easy when seeking an appliance that matches your needs. Nonetheless, color considerations go a long way. For instance, if you have so many items made of stainless steel, choose the best microwave to match that”


2. Have it operational!

You don’t want to integrate a microwave into your interior design if it doesn’t function in the first place. It’s not worth the hassle. Well, if yours microwave is non-functional, it’s best to acquire quality microwave parts. Most homeowners prefer Sharp microwave parts due to their superior quality. The dealers offer a wide selection of repair accessories, and you can get a proper fit for your appliance.

3. Schedule repairs& Inspection

If you use your microwave often, you’ll encounter breakages at one point or the other. If this happens, have the appliance examined and repaired by a professional. Also, acquire the repair parts from reputed dealers. These will likely last longer and minimize the need for repairs in the future.

4. Use cabinetry

Use cabinetry to achieve that built-in look. This way, you will easily move your appliance from the working surface when not in use. But, have it fit tightly for a more streamlined look. Cabinetry is a cost-effective option since it requires no demolitions.

5. Mount it over the range

If you want to save on space, this idea works best. By installing an over-the-range microwave, you’ll integrate it with your upper cabinets and group the appliance with the range below. This results in a better and streamlined look in your kitchen. Although this can be costly, it will save valuable space, allowing you an adequate work surface.

6. Consider a trim kit around the microwave.

A trim kit will help fill the gaps around your appliance achieve that finished-custom look. For best results, have it installed by professional installers or request the supplier for installation services.

7. Integration with other appliances

It’s wise to have your kitchen appliances in the same location. Blend it in with your wall oven and other appliances, and use a trim kit that fits well with all the appliances in your kitchen. This way, you’ll save on space and enhance the look of your home.

In summary

A microwave is a handy appliance in your home, use it and other kitchen appliances to create an elegant look in your home. Also, ensure that it’s functioning optimally and always purchase repair parts from accredited suppliers. For enhanced interior design, use modern appliances and enjoy that stunning look in the home.