A Fashionable Home Giving Warmth and Comfort with Cool-toned Hues : The Quaint House | Studio R by Rohini Bagla

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“Make it simple yet significant” – This sentence, in a nutshell, constituted the essence of the brief provided by the lovely couple, Manish and Vanshika, proud owners of this beautiful house. It is nestled right in the heart of Hiranandani Gardens in Powai. Surrounded by a quaint, calm and peaceful ambience away from the hustle and bustle of the city, their home symbolizes tranquillity and serenity. The challenge was to give them a fashionable home without comprising on the warmth and comfort.

A Fashionable Home Giving Warmth and Comfort with Cool-toned Hues : The Quaint House  | Studio R by Rohini Bagla

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The entrance area is designed with a welcoming vibe that instantly puts one at ease. At the very first glance, one can make out that this home is special. The living and dining area is an amalgamation of the Scandinavian and Contemporary style, brimming with a fusion of warm and cool-toned hues, which transforms it into a stylish and yet comforting space. Grey coloured highlighting accent walls, Nordic style inspired lights and wall accessories impeccably and aesthetically bring out the opulence, exuberance and understated glamour of the interior. The idea was to create a space where the couple can relax when alone and yet entertain in style when they want to.


 An open-planned, modular kitchen with a breakfast counter and pendant lights hanging down the ceiling accentuates the elegance and the overall appeal of the living and dining area. A secluded yet eye-catching bookshelf in the passage with a small mandir and a bold black and gold wall print highlights a dramatic and striking feature of the design whilst skilfully balancing the subtlety. This entire expanse is enhanced even more with the decoration of potted green plants of different sizes in each corner, adding a soothing element and perfectly complementing the outdoor greenery.

The Master Bedroom is immaculately designed – clean, clutter-free and tidy with a fresh Scandinavian vibe and feel.  It is designed to allow the natural light to flow in, making the room bright, lively and spacious. A play of warm and muted tones in the colours used, along with elegant upholstery, bestows this room a zen-like ambience and appearance. 

The Guest Room is bright and upbeat with a distinctly optimistic and cheerful vibe and instantly uplifting energy. It is adorned with a touch of Indian and traditional elements by incorporating ethnic prints, motifs and green and white hues. The medium-sized pendant light hanging down from the ceiling in one corner of the room brings in radiance, transforming it into a happy and blissful space, ensuring a memorable stay for the guests.

The study room is minimalistic, chic and modish with only essential furniture and fixtures. Many potted natural plants are placed around here to add the perfect finishing touch to the muted-white interior. The white standing desk is flexible and can be moved around to any corner of the room as per need and convenience. The humble book unit adds a rustic and vintage vibe and houses few of the many books owned by the client.

Each corner of the house is designed and executed elaborately and precisely with careful attention to the smallest of details. Each little addition and accessory in every room and corner of the house is selected to add to the house’s overall aesthetic, grace and grandeur, all the while keeping it simple and subtle…and yet, significant!


Designed by : Studio R by Rohini Bagla

Project Type : Apartment Interiors

Project Name : The Quaint House

Location : Hiranandani, Powai

Year built : 2021

Area : 1050 sq.ft

Principal Architect : Rohini Bagla

Photograph Courtesy : Lakshay Arora

Products and Materials : Wall Clock Light : The Black Steel | Pendant Light : Orange Tree

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