Important Remodel Work Before Selling Your Home

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Do you have plans on selling your house? If your property has been around for a more than a few years old, you need to update the fixtures, appliances, and the overall look first before putting it in the market. You also need to give your kitchen and bathroom special attention as these areas will reveal your home’s age the most. When it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations Eastern Suburbs work, you’ll never want to lose concentration on these two parts:


Investing in brand-new cabinets can be expensive. Salvaging the cabinetry in your kitchen and bathroom can provide you with a higher return of investment (ROI). An expert kitchen & bathroom renos Melbourne team can suggest several ways to restore old yet sturdy cabinets and vanities without replacing them.

Rather than tearing the cabinets entirely, one can opt to reface them instead. In this procedure, the remodelling team will just replace the doors and drawer faces without making any changes in the original cabinet framework. The challenging part is looking for faces that will fit your existing cabinets. Of course, measuring every piece will be helpful in finding replacement doors and drawer faces.

Another kitchen and bathroom renovations Eastern Suburbs option is to stain or repaint the current cabinetry. To start, your remodelling team will need to scrub and sand down all surfaces to get rid of the old finish. This will make sure that the new stain will be absorbed and the new paint will stick. It is important to hire experienced men for this job to avoid leaving drips, streaks, and other visible brushstrokes.


Setting aside aesthetic value, buyers will also put a big consideration in the functionality of a home. With that being said, it pays to put your focus in tapware when having kitchen and bathroom renovations. You wouldn’t want a potential buyer to notice water stains, leaks, damaged handles, and other rundown fixture issues. This will just show that your home has not received enough care for some time.

Taps and mixers for kitchen and bathroom are an affordable upgrade. The price will just vary in your chosen style, finish, and function. Aside from faucets, you will need to replace the showerhead and tub drain in your bathroom. This is so the style, age, and finish of your plumbing will complement the new sink faucet.

Before calling in a kitchen and bathroom renovations Eastern Suburbs team, buy all taps and mixers. This will save you a lot of money just as long as you get the right ones. Choose the replacements that are right for the existing placement and function of your tapware. If you purchased a tap that doesn’t line up with the present holes in your sink or shower, the remodelling team will likely proceed with a custom installation which can cost more. Worse, they won’t be able to install it at all and you will need to buy yet another one.

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