HVAC Fairfax Station: Signs Your Heating System Needs Repair

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Fairfax, VA, tends to have warm weather most of the year. However, the cold winter winds start blowing by November. December brings cold winds that may go as low as -2 degrees Celsius on average. The last thing you’d want during this time is for your heating unit to break down. You should know the signs when your heating system needs repair, so you can fix any concerns before the chilly days come around.

Here are five symptoms to watch out for that indicate when your heating unit needs repair.

Abnormal Sounds

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems tend to operate rather quietly. At the most, you should hear a moderate humming noise when the heating unit is functioning. But clunks, bangs, and other abnormal sounds coming from the unit are causes of concern.

Let the best HVAC Fairfax VA company check the system to remove any obstructions causing the unknown noises. These sounds may come from numerous sources, such as a buildup of debris or broken components.

Don’t attempt to repair the HVAC system without thorough knowledge of the devices you’re about to handle. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of incurring damage to the machine and endangering your well-being.

Mishandling HVAC components may lead to costly errors that might necessitate expensive repairs. It should be noted that some parts in the heating unit are sharp, and handling these elements without protective equipment can cause injuries. Reduce these risks by contacting professional HVAC technicians from the outset.

Unknown Odors

You may smell an off-putting odor the first time you turn on your heating system. This scent might be coming from the dust burning in the ducts, and this scenario is relatively typical. But the smell should dissipate after a few hours of operation.

In some instances, the unknown odor might persist even when the heating unit has been operating for several hours. The burning smell might refuse to dissipate, and this foul scent can be a significant sign that your HVAC unit needs repair.

Perhaps the system has a broken component, or the protective coating on a wire is starting to deteriorate. Damaged HVAC parts tend to smell like burning rubber or plastic. Failure to remedy the situation immediately can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Sparks may emanate from inside the system. Moreover, since the heating unit is active, the machine produces heat continuously. Wasting time in attempting to remedy the problem may lead to house fires.

Don’t let this unfortunate scenario happen and call professional HVAC services in Fairfax upon the first sign of a foul odor coming from your heating unit. Remember, you may not be the only person in the city who might be experiencing HVAC concerns. It would be best if you acted fast to make an appointment with reliable HVAC companies in your area so you can achieve a sound resolution to concerns about your heating unit.

Increased Energy Costs

Regular HVAC maintenance is a must to contain energy costs. However, there might come a time when your utility bill skyrockets, even if you think you are keeping your heating unit at peak performance.

A sudden surge in energy costs means there’s something amiss with your HVAC unit. The system might sound efficient, but it may be a different story under the hood. Leaks and clogged filters can cause a heating system to exert extra effort to operate at standard efficiency.

If you notice a sudden spike in your energy costs, seek professional HVAC repair immediately. Otherwise, continued usage of the faulty heating unit might mean that you have to spend more on energy costs.

Call a local HVAC company to deploy an experienced HVAC specialist to perform a heater or an air conditioner repair. The HVAC professional can inspect your entire HVAC system to ensure all parts are working. Moreover, the HVAC specialist can replace worn-out parts to ensure your system won’t consume too much energy to reduce your heating and cooling bills. 

If you want to consult a professional about smart HVAC systems, an experienced HVAC specialist can also help. This expert can recommend brands that suit your budget, allowing you to upgrade your HVAC system into more energy-efficient heating and cooling units to save electricity and lower utility bills.

HVAC companies also have dedicated blog sections on their website. They share how-to guides and video tutorials on how homeowners can save money on their heating and cooling. You might want to chat or send an email to the company to answer a question related to your HVAC problem. In that way, you can resolve the HVAC issue on your own or hire a plumber right away when you fail to fix it.

Inadequate Heating

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs that your heating system needs repair is when the unit isn’t functioning well enough to do its job.

Now, imagine the following scenario – it’s December in Fairfax and the temperatures are starting to dip below the -1 degree Celsius mark. So you decide to turn on the heater in your home to let household members enjoy the comfortable warmth of your abode.

But it’s been a few hours since you turned on the heating unit, and your surroundings are still not warm enough. You check the property for any open doors or windows and find that none of them are open. So, the only thing that could be amiss is your furnace.

At that point, you notice that the heating unit in your house isn’t producing enough heat. A worst-case scenario is when the system isn’t producing any heat at all.

Inadequate or no heat from a furnace may be signs of leaking in the ductwork. Let professional HVAC technicians handle the troubleshooting and repair jobs so you can enjoy comforting warmth in your abode again.

Unusual Amounts Of Dust

Furnaces have air filters that trap airborne particles like dust, pet hair, and other small substances from entering your home. If the filter is dirty, these particles are free to enter your home, causing health concerns for household members and guests.

These unclean substances can act as allergens, which can damage a person’s health. Inhaling dust, dirt, or other tiny debris can cause health issues like asthma attacks and respiratory problems. So, don’t compromise your family’s health with a dirty air filter. Replace it as soon as you notice it’s dirty to avoid dealing with stressful and costly medical expenses.

Moreover, a dirty filter can cause the heating unit to work harder than average. Again, this event can cause energy spikes, which will show up on your utility bills.

You may choose to change the air filter in your ductwork using Do-It-Yourself (DIY) techniques. But, mishandling the screen may cause unwanted damage to the ducts and other parts of the HVAC system. Instead, call professional assistance when you notice your furnace is spewing an unhealthy amount of dust into your home.

Parting Thoughts

Don’t ignore the warning signs of a faulty heating unit mentioned above. Make sure your furnace is free of damages to ensure optimal efficiency. After all, you don’t want your HVAC system in Fairfax, VA, to quit working when you need it the most.

You’ll know when your heating system needs professional repair services by keeping a watchful eye on a few tell-tale signs. Take note that the symptoms of a faulty heating unit may include foul smells, dirty filters, and unknown sounds. Call reliable HVAC repair services in Fairfax as soon as you notice these signs for a quick resolution of your concerns regarding your furnace.

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